Target Leaks Shadow Of Mordor Sequel, Shadow Of War

Target Leaks Shadow Of Mordor Sequel, Shadow Of War

The sequel to Shadow of Mordor is called Shadow of War. Warner Bros. hasn’t quite announced this yet, but Target spilled the news early (lol) along with the box art and some info (via NeoGAF). 

Target Leaks Shadow Of Mordor Sequel, Shadow Of War

From what I’ve heard, the story will be based on Talion and Celebrimbor (the two protagonists from Shadow of Mordor) working to forge a new ring that’s as powerful as Sauron’s. The Nemesis system is back, obviously, and there are new stronghold mechanics, new special abilities, and all that jazz.

More info to come whenever it’s officially announced. For now, let’s again laugh at Target.


  • Awesome! I love part 1, so this is a day 1 purchase unless something goes horribly wrong.

    But why would I laugh at Target?

    Oh yeah… it’s Target. F*** Target.

    • I absolutely loved Shadow of Mordor, albeit that terrible final boss fight. Day 1 purchase also, especially if the rumours of it being put onto the Switch are true.

      • Yeah the final boss was a letdown, but every other part of it was glorious. The Nemesis system to me was what completely made the game in every respect.

        • Im still waiting for other publishers to put the nemesis system in their games and im suprised that it hasnt happened yet because its one of those things that just make sense to include

          • HELL yes. Can you imagine GTA with the Nemesis system? It could seriously improve a lot of games out of sight.

  • I still haven’t finished yet, but l really enjoyed it. It’s on my long backlog list.

    My problem with the game is that I repeatedly died to my ‘Nemesis’ to a point where he became unbeatable! (I’m terrible, I know.)

    I think I need to restart a new game and not be so bad!

    • Keep trying dude, there’s always a way 😉 it’s so satisfying when you do kick your nemesis’ ass. Go practice against lesser orcs, keep building up your abilities and you’ll get there 😉

    • That is also my biggest complaint about the nemesis system. ( my second is the aiming could be better for the bow when using a controller, especially in bright lord as you don’t have “focus” slow down)

      Recently finished the game again (Only just played the Bright Lord for the first time, as it came out so much later than the main game and lord of the hunt; haven’t bothered with trial of the ring yet)

      Few tips for an “unbeatable” nemesis.
      1. BRAND, for what ever reason any invulnerabilities don’t apply to damage from other orcs (at least not fully). And for the love of god when you are able to brand your nemesis do it else he’ll keep popping up at the worst times such as when 2 other captains have already noticed you, alternatively decapitate/explode head for guaranteed dead.

      2. SHOULDER CHARGE this ability cannot be countered with an invincibility and inflicts minor damage, so while it will take a bit you can take down a captain with this, if you have wraith burn and manage to knock him on his ass, you can do more damage that way as well, or simply shank him on the ground.

      3. WEAKNESS/FEAR if he’s got one, use it. If he’s scared of Caragors get one, if he’s scared of burning light the bastard up. Weaknesses will make him weaker faster, but fears make him instantly grabable so you can brand/shank him; though he will run so shadow strike is good here to instantly knock him on his ass so you can grab him without him escaping.

  • Looking forward to having ongoing beef with another one shot kills, invincible archer dickhead like in the last game.

  • i got to the second half of the game and left it… probably should finish this game but it felt… ?tedious?

    I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m just not an open world / free roam kind of person

    • Me too. It got a Metal Gear Solid V thing happening where it just became boring and ‘more of the same’ for me.

      The combat is stellar though but I need more than that.

      • Yea I loved the combat and the nemesis system was pretty cool but you can only decapitate so many orcs before you’re like “meh”

        i’m still keen to see what the sequel will bring though

    • This happened to me as well. This game is amazing but as soon as I got to the second half, my attention started wandering. Still can’t wait for a sequel 😉

  • sweeett, ive been wanting to play shadow of mordor again because i loved it so much bu the magic of replaying the game again isnt quite as sweet as playing it for the first time.
    think i might start from scratch again anyways.

  • If they have box art and places like Target know about it (and are leaking it), how far along could it be? Is this all ‘final stages’ stuff?

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