Tell Us Dammit: Who Is The Best Star Wars Character?

Image: Knights of the Old Republic

Now while I know Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Chewie should rightfully be first in line for this sort of argument, let's not forget this guy.

Knights of the Old Republic had plenty of great characters, but nothing came remotely close to the panache and humour displayed by the assassin droid and Jedi hunter HK-47. Built by Revan, HK-47 is introduced to the player as a droid that is "wasted in a shop or translating for some moisture farmer".

From there, HK-47 becomes one of the game's funniest characters. Disney's wiping of the collective Star Wars slate has meant the robotic quips are no longer canon, although fortunately there's always The Old Republic to keep the memory alive.

How good would another KOTOR be?

But, best Star Wars character. Which one is your favourite?


    Kreia, hands down.

    She gave a swift boot up the butt to everything that bothered me about the Star Wars universe.

    Still tonnes of love for HK though.

      This! IMO the two knights of the old republic games did a better job at being Star Wars than anything still considered canon. Those two games truly had some of the best characters and dialogue of any video game series, and Kreia was the best of an already incredible bunch. Some of her dialogue regarding the force was simply spectacular!

      Kreia's story and her ability to manipulate puts the Emperor to shame...

      Signed in just to say this. She is a total badass and I loved everything about her.

    It's Wedge Antillies... right?
    Two death star runs, best fighter pilot in the galaxy, commander of Rogue and Wraith Squadrons, Slayer-of-Stars, Victor of Corusant... and he did it all without force powers.

    Corran Horn, and Kyle Katarn (Dark Forces (before he started looking like a nerf farmer)).

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      Yep. Wedge for me too.
      Obviously Grand Admiral Thrawn too but that's a cop out answer.

      Ahem... My good sentient. You don't farm Nerfs. you herd them! :)

        You heard sheep and cattle, and we call them sheep and cattle farmers.

    The Fett.
    But I do love me some HK-47.... time to fire up KOTOR again

    Have to agree on HK-47 and Kreia, always the two that come up in any discussion about great SW characters, though I thought Carth Onasi was kinda cute.

    Jar Jar was (ducks insults) great in Lego Star Wars because of his high jump ;-)

    SWTOR's light-side Sith Warrior.

    Seriously, though... Uhm. Kyle Katarn?

    Nien Numb. The alien with the worst hair lip ever!

    The gunner on the star destroyer in A New Hope. Thanks to him we had the original trilogy. You had ONE job dude (presumably)!

    Mara Jade. Though admittedly I only know her from Mysteries of the Sith.

    Just checking in to make sure theres still no Darth Binx mentioned. Nope? Good.

    1 Revan gods damn it
    2 HK-47
    3 Kreia
    4 Thrawn

    Each of these are examples of "hmm no, I'll do things my way"

    R5-D4 the Droid who blew a motivator on a new hope due to the evil R2-D2

    Ignoring the Disney reboot, top 5 in order - Revan, Thrawn, HK47, Mon Mothma, Lando Calrissian.

    Revan: No character has had so significant an impact on the sith/jedi orders as Darth Revan. His role pre-KOTOR and his subsequent actions revealed in SWTOR make him one of the most influential characters in Star Wars history, bordering even on Palpatine-like levels of galactic influence, except without the "I'm an evil, manipulative git, mwahaha" persona. He just gets it done as he sees it needs doing.

    Thrawn: No being in the universe has the level of understanding of culture and art, and what these say about a species, as Thrawn does. Being able to look at 2-3 pieces of art and understand a species' physical capabilities, the psychological profile of that species and their behavioural traits and then apply those to predict tactical and strategic tendencies and blind holes is an almost god-like capability. His revealed reasons for wanting galactic unification under a strong imperial rule show he is not power-obsessed like Palpatine was, but rather understands that when crunch time comes, the galaxy cannot afford to be pulled in a thousand different directions at once. He also marks the first introduction of the Chiss Ascendancy and the Empire of the Hand to the Star Wars universe, introducing 2 new, competing superpowers to the Republic/Empire/New Republic systems

    HK-47: Query - Do you really need me to explain this one for you, meatbag?

    Mon Mothma: Basically the anti-Palpatine. The sheer charisma and personality of Mon Mothma is single-handedly responsible for holding the Rebel Alliance and later the New Republic together without it falling into the traps and ways of the Empire. In both the Legends universe and the new canon universe, when Mon Mothma goes, things start to fall apart. Together with Palpatine, she reflects the reality of just how the personality of the person in charge can determine the course of the entire body.

    Lando Calrissian: Smuggler, Gambler, Entrepreneur, Ladies man, Con artist, Original owner of the Millennium Falcon, General, Destroyer of the 2nd Death Star... Lando has been there and done that more than anyone in the Galaxy, and despite his reputation for building something fantastic only to watch it all fall down around his ears through no real fault of his own, he still maintains the optimism that he can win it all back with the next big hand.

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    On a personal note .... my Smuggler in SWTOR. Anyone who can get a female Jedi and a female Sith to work together (while flirting with them both and giving them a dressing down because they're both acting like psychotic schoolgirl mega-bitches) deserves the accolade.

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    Darth Vader. The One. The Only.

      "Are you an angel?" *bzzzzt* Disqualified. Anyone that easily suckered into the Sith ranks, not to mention being such a whiny teen and a... well... Episode 1... does not qualify for this list. Even his awesomeness in episode 4 onward cannot redeem him from the prequel trilogy

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    Revan, and here's why. Revan's story is also the story of every popular Star Wars character rolled into one. You like Luke Skywalker (a seemingly random civilian who finds out he's strong in the Force and must train as a Jedi)? Revan does that in the first third of the game. You like Han Solo? Revan very quickly gains ownership of the fastest smuggling ship in the galaxy, the Ebon Hawke (one his beginning game backgrounds is "I was a spice smuggle on the Outer Rim"). You like Vader? Nothing stopping you playing darkside, and it turns out Revan is (SPOILERS) actually an amnesiac Dark Lord of the Sith. If there's something about Star Wars you like, Bioware put it in Revan.

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