Telstra’s NSW Network Is Down

Telstra’s NSW Network Is Down

Having trouble making calls on your Telstra mobile or landline right now? Has your internet just died? A fire at a Telstra exchange in northern Sydney could be responsible.

Telstra has confirmed on Twitter that an outage for fixed line and mobile services was caused by a fire in an exchange in the Chatswood area. No outage has yet been logged on the company’s Service Status page for the Chatswood area, but a more generalised 4G outage was added for the Sydney region at around midday today.

We’ve had reports of ongoing mobile outages in Marrickville, too, suggesting that the outage might be affecting areas other than just Chatswood. There are also plenty of tweets directed back at Telstra blaming the outage for more extended service outages in areas like western NSW and even Victoria, but we’d be cautious of linking the two without more obvious evidence.

The problem also extends to at least some NBN connections:


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  • Had problems all day here in WA too, TheWest website saying it’s related to the Chatswood fire.

  • I was laughing my ass off when we got reports when this just happened.

    Case logged on our IT desk stated “Exchange currently on fire”, and calling Telstra’s IT support line was completely hammered couldn’t get through for a solid 15 mins.

    Gave me a good laugh to an otherwise boring day.

  • *sigh* Oh Telstra, is your network so fragile that a single fire can take out half of your network?! Methinks the network designers will be getting a raking over ere this day is out.

    • Not so laud! Telstra might take it as a challenge and try to have the whole network go out if someone lights a cigarette.

    • the network designers will be getting a raking over ere this day is out.

      This kind of fuck up happens more often than you think. They will be told the screwed up, but nothing will actually change.

    • Building redundancy into the network for something like this is just not cost effective. Sure it sucks but lets be realistic here.

      • Not talking necessarily about redundancy. Bypassing broken links in a network mesh is a problem solved decades ago. It’s pretty sad having one broken exchange cause outages all over the network. That’s a design problem.

    • I think how widespread the outage is is pretty grossly exaggerated. I’m on Telstra Mobile, in Sydney, and haven’t experienced a single hiccup all day. The affected area I imagine is pretty isolated, at least for mobile. Not sure about their physical internet or phone lines.

      • Yeah, you’re probably right. I’m just going by what I’ve read from here and on SMH. The graph looks pretty damning, but may be showing issues not particularly associated with the Chatswood fire.

  • Just hope they dont throw more free data days at us, that crap causes more issues than its worth.
    TBH im empathetic to their situation as I can understand how fire damage can impact a business but I assumed they would of rolled over the DR a lot quicker since this was posted at midday on their outage page

  • i lost my adsl2 connection for like 30seconds but i was still able to talk to my old man on the phone at the same time

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