The Best Part Of Star Trek Beyond Is Coming To Comics This Week

There was a lot to like in Star Trek Beyond, but it's pretty clear that its best new addition to the Trek movie universe was Sofia Boutella's arse-kicking alien hero Jaylah. Her arrival in the Star Trek comics is good news — as is the fact you can get a first look at her origin story right here.

Jaylah is making her debut in this week's issue of Star Trek: Boldly Go — by Mike Johnson, Tony Shashteen, J.D. Mettler and AndWorld Design — which, while set after the events of the movie, will explore her backstory from the events before the film, as she prepares for her new life as a cadet at Starfleet Academy.

Cover Art by George Caltsoudas

While Beyond gave us some elements of Jaylah's past, it's cool to see the comic flesh out more of this important new character — even if we might have to wait for the next movie before we get to see her graduate and maybe join the Enterprise crew. Check out the first seven pages of Star Trek: Boldly Go #5, making their debut here.

Star Trek: Boldly Go #5 hits shelves this Wednesday.


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