Evil Residents Still Paying The Rent In Honest Game Trailers' Appraisal Of Resident Evil 7

The Resident Evil series has always been polarising. While recognised as a classic, the first game with its fixed camera angles and tank-like controls could be massively off-putting. Resident Evil 4 again divided players with its revamped, more action-orientated take and with RE5, it was the addition of co-op. We all agree the sixth instalment was naff, which forced Capcom into reboot territory. Despite playing with fire by going first-person, the result, as Honest Game Trailers explains, is rather good.

The switch to first-person has clear pros (a more intimate and terrifying experience) and cons ("Why is everyone obsessed with stabbing / slicing / amputating my hands?") but going from the reviews, both from critics and players, the new look appears to be a return to form for the franchise.

As HGT points out, it's not all zombie-slaying fun. After seven attempts, decent inventory management remains beyond Capcom's abilities and the game's reliance on horror tropes is borderline embarrassing. Still, Resident Evil 7 ticks all the boxes of a "Resi" game, even if the shift away from third-person will be inexcusable for some.

RESIDENT EVIL 7: BIOHAZARD (Honest Game Trailers) [YouTube]


    This is my first resident evil game and I'm enjoying it, but I also feel like something is missing.
    I'm not sure what though, but I think it might be like how they said in Honest Trailers: the tension and scariness completely disappears once you get the shotgun.
    The map feels like it opens up a lot more when you first get out of the house and there's no longer a feeling of "holy shit something is going to kill me any second now."

    Personally I much prefer Outlast. This is still a great game though, don't get me wrong.

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      Wow - you prefer Outlast?! There was like nothing to that game apart form running and hiding.

        Gameplay was pretty simple yeah, but it had so much more tension. There were no particular points in Resident evil 7 that I felt like I was on the edge of my seat of whether or not I'd survive.
        Maybe the closest part would be watching Mia's video tape in the Old House but even then it wasn't me and I knew she wouldn't be dying in a prerecorded section.

        Whereas Outlast, while yes the gameplay was very simple and there was no combat or crafting; it had those moments of "holy shit I've got so much adrenaline right now."
        Without spoiling it, the part where you lose your camera and the part where you find it again are two pretty big moments.
        And the part in that medical area where the guy with the buzzsaw or chainsaw or whatever it was was stalking you, but you had to stay in the room to find something (this might have been in the dlc instead I can't remember exactly).

          I just couldnt get into Outlast in that way! I tried and tried but it was kinda boring running from this thing...

          Played RE7 in VR? Because thats what gave me the adrenaline and feeling like im trapped etc etc...
          I dont usually get scared or freaked out at much in games at all - it takes a lot but as soon as i put the headset on and enter that RE7 realm, my breathing and heart rate increase and i feel a sense of despair I have never felt in a video game!!!

            No haven't had a chance to play it in VR, I'd probably think the opposite if I did though.
            I'm kind of expecting Outlast II to not be as good as Res VII though. I don't know if you played the demo but it was very heavy on the supernatural elements that the first game finished on.
            I mean it's a logical step but there's no mystery of whether or not it's just a bunch of crazies being crazies.
            I'm sure they'll be some other mystery though, but I don't know.

            I do really fucking love nightmare mode in ResVII dlc. God damn that's fun. Haven't actually finished it yet but I've come pretty close a couple times and I really like the progression system.

              I havent got the dlc yet - to be honest im only about 4 hours into my first playthrough because ive been playing solely in VR and i have a couple of young toddlers so i dont get time til everyones wrapped up in bed!!! Even then i gotta escape the mrs lol

              Hoping to finish through this weekend and pick up the dlc for a bit of fun too

              Never tried outlast 2 i wrote it off after the first one but i might go back and try it out sometime - you got me intrigued i just have such a huge pile of shame as it is i cant get through anything old when they keep bringing out such awesome new games!!!

                Yeah I'd recommend checking the demo out, it only goes for about twenty minutes or so and is pretty non-interactive but gives you the vibe that the rest of the game will have.
                Yeah I know the feel, my pile of shame is pretty big

    Pretty spot on. They didn't trash it at all really like they do COD for instance. RE7 is a solid game and very enjoyable. Just think it needed some more end game content or collectables which unlock stuff. Instead of greedily slicing it up and selling as DLC.

    RE6 is way better than RE5, but playing in co-op is mandatory.

    I would actually love another RE game like RE6. Good? No, not really, but loads of dumb fun with a friend.

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