The Four Ways Of Sitting At Japanese Arcades, Explained

There are four common ways players sit at arcade cabinets in Japan. Here they are.

[Image: Ringo Tart]

Sitting? That's right, because while Western arcade cabinets have players stand up to play, Japanese ones are seated affairs.

Japanese Twitter user Ringo Tart created these explanations.

Bending Forward Style

[Image: Ringo Tart]

Getting one's face as close as possible to the monitor and blocking out all superfluous things, this efficient style enables focus on one's gaming.

Twist Type

[Image: Ringo Tart]

With the legs paired together, this way of sitting has the body twisting.

Upon being defeated and leaving the cabinet, one can quickly make way for the next player. This style is full of love and careful consideration for the surrounding players.

Way-Too-Good Posture Style

[Image: Ringo Tart]

This elegant style over overflowing with grace such that even if the game content is dreadful, the appearance of this is always dignified and dignity is never forgotten.

Half-Arsed Style

[Image: Ringo Tart]

Please forgive this.


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