The Ghost In The Shell Movie Has Some Very Expensive Statues

Weta, of Lord of the Rings and Mad Max fame, are doing the visual effects for Ghost in the Shell. They're also handling merchandise duties for the movie, and have released these two very expensive statues.

The Art Of NZ's Weta Workshop: Mad Max, The Hobbit & More

New Zealand's Weta Workshop is probably most famous for their work on the Lord of the Rings series, but in the years since they have also been involved on stuff like Mad Max, District 9 and the upcoming Ghost in the Shell.

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There's a robot Geisha, which has an interchangeable head, and a triumphant Major which does not (though it does have a base that lights up).

They're both priced at $582.85. Pricey at first glance, maybe, but par for the course for this kind of merch, especially since they're at 1:4 scale.


    LOL, why would you buy a vomit-inducing Scarlett Johanssen monstrosity when there are so many other BETTER Kusanagi figures (e.g. )

    The robot geisha is alright, but the statue of the Major has the same cold, dead eyes and vapid expression as the real Johanssen.

    Last edited 18/02/17 1:17 am

      Almost cut myself on that edge...

      glad i reread this until i agreed with it

      I concur. So much better!

      Irrespective of thoughts on Johanssen. The difference in quality of the figures compared to what you linked is massive.

      heh that is a much better figure, however she may want to remove those trousers from that hungry bum.

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