The Goonies And LEGO City Come To LEGO Dimensions In May

While fans are still eagerly waiting for the LEGO Batman Movie and Knight Rider sets arriving next week, LEGO Dimensions gives us a peek at the Goonies, LEGO City and Harry Potter packs that will be showing up three months later.

The most exciting addition to LEGO Dimensions coming in wave eight has to be the level pack based on '80s classic The Goonies. Starring Sloth, his misshapen head portrayed via LEGO prosthetic, the level pack teams the super-strong mutant up with his best friend, Chunk, as the pair escape the Fratelli hideout to rejoin the search for One-Eyed Willy's treasure. While one-time Kotaku guest columnist Chunk does not get his own figure, his playable in-game minifig will indeed do the Truffle Shuffle.

The Goonies level pack also unlocks a movie-themed adventure world, where players can explore Mikey's House, Inferno Cove and the Goon Docks. It's good enough for me.

Coming in at number two on the wave eight excitement scale, the LEGO City fun pack is basically an advertisement for the remastered LEGO City Undercover game, coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC this year. That said, more Chase McCain is more Chase McCain. The man is a goddamned hero, people.

The LEGO City fun pack also unlocks the LEGO City adventure world, where players can further explore areas from the LEGO City Undercover game. Like I said, kind of an ad, but still better than just another Harry Potter figure.

LEGO Dimensions fans most likely have already picked up Harry and Snape, unlocking the relatively ho-hum Harry Potter adventure world. Might as well get Hermione in on the action.

When the dust clears and the pieces are put together, wave eight adds two brand-new adventure worlds and another adventure level to the already massive LEGO Dimensions, and we still have Teen Titans Go!, The Powerpuff Girls and Beetlejuice waiting in the wings. I'm going to need a bigger carrying case.


    LEGO Dimensions fans most likely have already picked up Harry and Snape
    You misspelled Voldemort.
    I got Dimensions for Christmas, and I'm still struggling to fill out my Year 1 collection. I have no intention of collecting them all, but even just picking up the bare minimum to unlock the content is draining my bank account...

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