The Jackbox Party Pack Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch

The Jackbox Party Pack Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch

While there’s no announced date and it doesn’t come with Drawful 2, seeing the latest Jackbox Party Pack on the Nintendo Switch is a good sign.

Announced on Twitter by the developers, the Switch will get the latest Jackbox pack, which contains Quiplash 2, Guesspionage, Tee KO, Fakin’ It and Trivia Murder Party.

The third Jackbox pack doesn’t include Fibbage or Drawful though, arguably the two best games the company has made since the You Don’t Know Jack days.

It’s likely that we’ll see one or both of them make their way to the Switch in the future. For now, however, Switch fans will have to make do with the third pack. We don’t have specifics on a launch date or pricing, but we’ll keep you posted as more information comes to light.


  • Already got on my PC. All these games I’ve already got on a better platform, why would I buy an expensive Switch just to then have the honour of buying them again, and don’t come at me with that portable shit, it’s no way to justify the buy-in price.

    $600 just for added portability to shit I already have is ludicrous spending.

    • The start of any modern console’s life is full of up-ports. You don’t have to be a grumpy arse about it.

    • Obviously you wouldn’t buy a Switch to play these again. This game is for people that are already buying a Switch who may like to purchase it. It’s certainly on my radar now which is the intended purpose.

      • Same here. My brother raves about some of the games in the Jack Box packs, and so I’ve always been interested but have been reluctant to buy them, because my PC is in my bedroom and that’s not the greatest place to have a bunch of people crammed into to play party games.

        Having it on the Switch is ultra convenient because it means it can be played wherever, which also means it can be played instead of Cards Against Humanity (which my friends and I have played so often that I no longer find it funny or entertaining).

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