The Nintendo Classic Mini NES Is Back In Stock At Target

Buy Nintendo Classic Mini NES online

The Classic Mini NES is on sale at Target again. Yes, again. If you're still trying to buy one (you poor, silly bastard) we suggest clicking on the purchase link right now.

Nintendo has been selling the Mini NES like a sadistic drug dealer, drip-feeding small tastes of its delectable wares before cruelly withholding supply. Now it's doing it again.

For a (presumably) limited time, you can buy the console online at Target for $99. Click here to buy. Target is also selling official Nintendo Classic Mini controllers for $19.

If you miss out again, we expect other Aussie retailers to offer stock in the hours and days ahead, so keep a close eye on the usual suspects (chiefly EB Games.)

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    LOL, Nintendo's inventory management policy in full swing. Maintain the hype, people! Keep on giving Nintendo free publicity each time the NES Classic comes back into stock, Kotaku! ;-)

    Article uploaded half an hour ago. Click link. Product is "unavailable online".

    Thanks, Nintendo.

    Target, how many did you guys have in stock? Two?

    Target how many times do I have to tell you? The Nintendo Mini NES Console is not available online for christ's sake get rid of the Nintendo Mini NES console offer off your website please I'm not going to tell you again.

    Even with the significant lack of supply, it was still the third biggest selling console in one of the months. Cant remember if it was December or January, but it outsold every console bar the PS4 and Xbone.

    Makes you wonder how many it would have sold if there hadnt been a shortage of supply.

      well its not that hard to be 3rd, no one buys the Wii U and thats the only available for sale console

        Any major reason my comment was worth a downvote? Just curious what drives that sort of thing, no shot at you.

        All I was doing was pointing out that even a controlled sale was enough to be noted, and for exactly the reason you said - theres nothing else out there people are really buying.

          please vote for me and my comment. I will be enriched

    I managed to pick one up thanks to this article. Cheers Kotaku

      Same was in another article and noticed on the bottom pane so raced over and ordered one. Went to order a second one for a mate with his paypal and was already sold out five mins later.... The hype is real people.

    Goddamn nostalgia pulling on my heartstrings. Would love to buy it but I will not allow myself to, if I did I'd play it for two seconds remember my childhood say "ahhh that was fun now I rememeber (insert vague time, place, person here)" and move on back to my adult life leaving it to gather dust and be forgotten just like said childhood.

    Already sold out.

    It said online they are not available but check your local store. Mine said "low in stock" so I call and am told they were all taken off the shelf this afternoon for internet orders today.
    I was in the store in the electronics department early this morning and there was no sign or space for them so what a load of crap

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