The Nintendo Switch Is Perfect For Japanese Celebrities

Are you a Japanese celebrity? No? Well, Yo Oizumi is, and he's going to show you how the Switch is ideal for famous folks.

[Image: Nintendo]

We've seen loads of footage showing plebs enjoying the Switch at home.

[Image: Nintendo]

And here is the actor, TV personality and Professor Layton voice actor doing that, too. He's just like us!

[Image: Nintendo]

But Nintendo's latest commercials don't stop there.

[Image: Nintendo]

Here he is being driven to studio. (And no, that's doesn't look like a taxi!)

[Image: Nintendo]

The Switch sure makes being driven around so much more enjoyable!

[Image: Nintendo]

And when you get to the studio, having make-up and wardrobe people watch you play Zelda is entertaining for everyone.

[Image: Nintendo]

During TV production, there's so much downtime.

[Image: Nintendo]

If you have a Nintendo Switch, waiting for you scene has never been more enjoyable.

[Image: Nintendo]

And if another celebrity half your age is also bored, you can give him or her a Joy-Con controller and play together.

[Image: Nintendo]

Like so.

[Image: Nintendo]


[Image: Nintendo]

Our own Mike Fahey said that the Switch's big Super Bowl ad showed the console the way he was hoping to see it. These ads will probably do the exact same for you.

Because these commercials sure do make the Switch relatable. Thank goodness for that!

In all seriousness, I understand that Nintendo was trying to explain the Switch's different modes by using a celebrity to sell the thing. 

The multiplayer Japanese Switch ad is well done.


    One of these switches is a sokkuri sweet!

    Yeah that is all well and good, but how long will the battery actually last. I would give it possibly 2 hours of continuous gaming and its flat.

      I imagine it all depends on the game, like on my 3DS. Sometimes it lasts eight hours, sometimes it lasts 2.

        Problem is the 3DS isn't a powerhouse with the graphics, where as the switch is actually starting to look decent. So i kinda figured it would chew more battery due to this.

          The switch runs botw for three hours, as stated by Nintendo.

          That's not bad at all.

            As long as the battery doesn't explode, I'll be happy with what it gives me.

            Yeah that is true, considering most commutes probably won't take more then an hour.

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