PS4 Is Finally Getting External Hard Drive Support

If you, like me, are sick of your PS4 telling you that it's out of space, here is some game-changing news: Sony is adding external hard drive support in the next update.

There's no date for this update, 4.50, although it enters beta today so it's likely coming within the next couple of months. In additional to external HDD support (using USB 3.0, with hard drives of up to 8TB), the new update will add custom wallpapers (see above), a Quick Menu overhaul, and simplified notifications.

You'll also be able to post directly on your PSN "Activity Feed" and watch 3D Blu-rays on PlayStation VR.


    Only 7 years late

      Has it even been out for 7 years?

        Well PS3 didn't have it either, so yes it's been a while

          Ps3 had the most easily upgradeable hdd known to man.
          Back in the days of usb2 which wasn't exactly known for speed.

          Last edited 04/02/17 1:30 pm

          Wow! That took a while, considering the Xbox 360, Xbox One and Wii U already support that feature.

    At least you can swap the internal drive out pretty easily, I have a 2TB drive in mine.

    The 3D Blu Ray in VR sounds interesting though, I think I only have 1 disc that does 3D (Doctor Who 50th Anniversary) so it might be a novelty to test it out.

      Yah I think this is one of the best things they could've done. I still have the original in mine but I often think about hitting it up with an upgrade. More for faster loading than more capacity. I generally delete games when I'm finished with them.

    This is great news. About time! I never wanted to fiddle around swapping hard drives so this is awesome for me.

    Wii U had it on launch, PS4 should have as well.
    The 3D Bluray for VR is a good idea, as it will encourage many to get their 3D blurays out for the first time in years.

      yeah and the wii u launched with 8 or 32gb storage, and no replaceable hdd

    This is a pretty awesome addition, but what's caught my eye the most in the beta is the boost mode for PS4 Pro. Check out the results with Just Cause 3, it's pretty impressive so far.

    Anyone know whether that last guardian background in the picture is a custom background or a psn theme?

    Can you actually play games of the external hard drive or do you need to keep transferring between drives ...

    Nice. Two features I was hoping for.

    I wish they would do something about the painful delay where the PS4 resolves what services you can share to.

    Finally! I'm so over deleting games to install new ones

    The wise man upgrades his PS4 to 2TB when he gets it... no problems and no external drive needed.

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