The Weekend In Esports: Upsets Rock StarLadder And Mexico Hosts Halo 5 Qualifiers

The Weekend In Esports: Upsets Rock StarLadder And Mexico Hosts Halo 5 Qualifiers

With DreamHack Las Vegas and the Dota 2 Asia Championship qualifiers behind us, all eyes are on the start of 2017’s Intel Extreme Masters in Katowice, Poland and the conclusion of Dota 2‘s StarLadder Season 3.

Image credit: Digital Chaos.

Below you’ll find where and when you can catch all the weekend’s biggest events in competitive gaming. Let us know what you’ll be watching in the comment
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Dota 2

Season 3 of StarLadder comes to a close this weekend with some Dota 2 heavy-weights already knocked out of the proceedings. Team Secret, Wings Gaming, and Digital Chaos all failed to make it out of the group stage, with the semifinals now down to Team Liquid vs. TNC Pro Team and OG vs. Team VG.J. The first series will begin at 9:00PM EST tonight, followed by the second at midnight. The finals will than be played at 4:00AM EST tomorrow morning. The winning teams leaves with just over $US100,000 ($130,250).

All of those matches will be available to watch live here.

Halo 5

The World Championship 2017 qualifiers continue for Halo 5 this weekend in Mexico. Games begin today at 11:15AM EST and will go until around 10:00PM tonight, before resuming again Sunday morning at the same time. The overall prize pool is $US20,000 ($26,050), with the winners going on to represent their region in the eventual World Championship later this year. 

You can catch all the action in the stream below.

League of Legends

In Katowice, group play continued today starting with H2K Gaming vs. Hong Kong Esports at 8:00AM EST, followed by Unicorns of Love against G2 Esports at 11:30AM. Games will resume bright and early on Sunday at 6:30AM EST.

Those games are available to stream live here.


The Winter playoffs continue in Blizzard’s collectible card game in Asia this weekend. The top performers go on to take part in the Winter Championship later on in the Bahamas. Matches Began yesterday and continued today beginning tonight at 9:00PM EST.

You can watch all of them right here.

Street Fighter V

The Cannes Winter Clash began yesterday and will go throughout the weekend, featuring Street Fighter talent like John Takeuchi, Wil2pac, and Imstilldadaddy, as well as a number of other games including King of Fighters XIV and Guilty Gear Xrd. A full schedule of events is available here, with Top 8 play for Street Fighter V beginning Sunday at 3:00PM EST.

You can stream those games here. In addition,North American qualifiers for Final Round 20 take place Sunday beginning at 1:00PM EST.

Smash Bros.

Frostbite 2017 is also this weekend, an event built exclusively around Smash Bros. Wii U taking place in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Play begins Saturday at 10:00AM EST and will go late into the night, with Top 8 play beginning Sunday around 5:00PM EST. The tournament will feature top tier talent like ZeRo, Nairo, Ally, and Komorikiri, and a USA vs. Japan crew battle in addition to singles and doubles.

A full schedule for the event is available here, with games streaming live here, with a secondary stream here.

Tampa Never Sleeps 7 is taking place as well, featuring Smash 64, Melee, and Project M in addition to Smash 4. Play continues today at 11:00AM EST with Wii U singles and will continue all day before resuming again tomorrow at the same time. Melee Top 8 will be Sunday at 12:00PMEST, followed by Wii U Top 8 at 7:30PM EST.

You can stream those matches live right here.


The Overwatch Alienware Monthly Melee returns this weekend for February with teams like Rogue, Immortals, and FaZe competing over a $US10,000 ($13,025) prize pool. FaZe and Rogue will kick things off at 5:00PM EST later on today. All of the matches will be streamed live here.

In addition, there’s the Oceanic Summer Series playoffs with FusionGirl vs. Love Shack followed by Scylla vs. JAM Gaming, beginning at 10:00PM EST tonight. You can find those games here.


The spring split for Smite is also ongoing, with the SMITE Masters 2017 scheduled for late April. Matches begin today with ELV vs. NRG at 1:00PM EST, beginning again at the same time tomorrow with NME vs. EGR.

You can stream all of them live right here.


With an upcoming patch and the spring season just over the horizon, developer Super Evil Megacorp will be showing off the latest developments in the mobile gaming company’s MOBA at an invitational scheduled for tomorrow that will feature some of the newest teams to enter its esport league. Echo Fox, Fnatic, Immortals, NRG, Rogue, and a team fielded by the developer itself will faceoff starting at 2:00PM EST on Sunday.

You can watch those matches here.