Thieves Steal PlayStation 4 From Children's Cancer Ward In New Zealand

As if the world was not bleak enough already, thieves stole a PlayStation 4 from a children's cancer ward in New Zealand's Wellington Hospital over the weekend.

Source: The Dominion Post

According to New Zealand paper The Dominion Post, hospital staff confirmed that the PS4 disappeared over the weekend after it was removed from the table it was bolted to. About 15 patients used the game console while in the ward for treatment, including nine-year-old Angus Little, who played Minecraft during his weekly chemotherapy sessions for an inoperable brain tumour. The PS4 was received as a donation.

"I'm angry, and pretty annoyed because it was a good distraction for me, and other kids too," Angus told The Dominion Post. "They took the game too, so the mansion I built on Minecraft is gone."

"I believe it's not the first time this has happened, hence why it was bolted to the table," said Angus's mother. "It defies belief that somebody would walk into a cancer ward, unbolt it from a table, and deprive sick kids."

While you ponder what kind of human monster would steal from a children's cancer ward, Angus and his mum are trying to raise enough funds to replace the console and game on his Facebook page. New Zealanders can also make a donation to the hospital through the Wellington Hospitals Fund.


    Fine, replace the console... but catch the pricks and hang them by their feet till their head explode! You never ever steal anything from a child's cancer wand, that is the lowest of the low right there.

    I hope the New Zealand Police catch those criminals red handed because I think they should go to jail for months or even years for stealing a PS4 from a local Cancer Ward in Wellington so the only thing better than stealing a PS4 means it will be Game Over for those criminals once they get caught by the New Zealand Police.

    What sort of scum would steal from a childrens cancer ward?

    What a waste of oxygen.

    For anyone thats survived through cancer, be it directly affected or seen a loved one suffer through it, they can truly understand why you wouldn't wish it on your worst enemy.

    For these thieves I'm willing to make an exception. Theres no punishment suitable than to have them experience what they've so carelessly deprived these brave children of.

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