Think Before Getting Your Valentine Cheap Chocolates

If you buy the current love of your life sweets for Valentine's Day that can be purchased in a pharmacy, you're doing it wrong. See how a real chocolatier feels about the heart-shaped boxes that will be 75 per cent off on February 15.

BuzzFeed tapped Jonathan Grahm of Compartes chocolates in Los Angeles to try out what passes for Valentine's Day gifts to the huddled masses — Whitman's, Lindt, Dove and the like. Having tasted chocolate from Compartes, I can only imagine how horribly disappointing this process must have been — like licking an old K-Mart.

In my experience, a smaller box of premium chocolates is much more appreciated gift than a large heart filled with crap that's easily picked up at the grocery store. Smaller quantities means taking time to savour, with slow and sexy bites and beckoning appreciative nods.

And once all of that is over, fill your freezer with horrible chocolate from the clearance carts at Walmart, because self-love is cheap.


    Cheap chocolates are an insult to us all.

      And cheap American chocolate is like punching baby Jesus in the face.

    Cadbury is cheap and its the best. Fact.

      Best of the cheap shit maybe; they never did recover from that palm oil scandal.

      :/ I guess if all you like is sugar and it being gritty, then sure?

        did you read my mind? Cadbury is barely chocolate.

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