Haha Look At This Dungeons & Dragons Thing

Haha Look At This Dungeons & Dragons Thing

This is a massive and elaborate GM screen for your Dungeons & Dragons (or any other role-playing game) adventures. For those who want to flex on their tabletop crew.

I like Wyrmwood’s stuff, but this screen is on a whole other level, both in terms of how much it does (it does a lot) and how much it costs (the complete set costs a lot). There’s a screen, an initiative tracker, a dice tower, even some drawers to stash stuff in.

Everything you’re seeing up top actually comes apart and is sold separately as individual purchases on a Kickstarter the company is running at the moment.

If you’re not familiar with Wyrmwood’s gear, it costs a lot because it’s all hand-made from premium wood in New England, and is aimed at the kind of gamer who looks at these prices, looks at the wood and doesn’t recoil in horror/close the tab.

The components of the screen come in different types of wood which vary in price; you can get just the screen in red oak for $US50 ($65), or you can get the complete set in purpleheart for… $US1570 ($2048). Welp.

If you’re thinking that price is insane for something that looks so small, it’s… nowhere near as small as the pics make it look. Indeed, it’s freakin’ enormous.

The campaign was asking for $US10,000 ($13,045). At time of writing it’s has over $US200,000 ($260,909).


  • I really wish I had a chance to get into this as a kid.

    Watching stranger things made me almost jealous of those “losers”.

    • If you can make your way to PAX they do small 1hr campaigns of D&D and other games of the like. I have always wanted to try my hand at it because i have never had the group of friends that would participate.

      I really good experience, i remember our ranger character being played by a 12 year old was just making massive good roles and was amazing how lucky he was. Was exciting seeing luck based game play in a physcal setting rather on a computer screen.

      The people roleplaying the characters also who have played for years was also a great layer actually making such an experience. Highly recommend as a D&D newb.

      • Thanks for the encouragement!

        I drive past a gaming store everyday after work that has these big windows. They seem to have D&D groups cavorting about in this warm glow. The people inside move in slow motion like when a “hot girl” gets introduced in a teen movie, all flowing hair and glistening smiles.

        One of these days, instead of stopping at the lights and gawking at them, I’ll stop on the side of the road and enter this shop.

    • Alot of different people play D&D man, there is not like an age barrier or something. Within my main group of players are;
      -An AFP PSO (Security officer for pine gap)
      -A youth corrections officer (Bush Mob)
      -A storeman for NT Power

      The geekiest people we have is
      -A content producer for ABC radio
      -A Telstra store leader
      -A transport company terminal manager

      All you need to enjoy the game is a group of people that actually make your time worthwhile. My group is largely a social one, where for the most part our characters are just shit talking.

      • I get the feeling from the comments here that it’s a largely inclusive community.

        Way to make me feel accepted before I even try 🙂

        • Also, let’s just take a moment to appreciate that Vin Diesel is a massive D&D fan and used to play a lot when he had time. Search Youtube for D&Diesel for a very short adventure he was able to participate in more recently.

          Also, if you’d like to see what a really good group of players and one of the most amazing DMs I’ve ever seen looks like, check out Critical Role, where a bunch of nerdy voice actors play D&D once a week for 3-5 hours at a time. It’s an awesome show full of awesome people that you’ve probably heard before in games and anime.

          • Thank ye Jesus! Heh, always wanted to say that…

            That thing about Vin Diesel is pretty cool but the voice actors sound amazing.

  • I will settle down with my zero dollar ($ 0) DMs selfmade cardboard screen™ until I gather the $2048!

  • I bought some Wyrmwood kit last year (~$400 worth) and they sent it to the wrong address (correct on the invoice, incorrect on the postage label). Luckily the recipient found me on facebook and sent a message letting me know and that I could collect it from him any time. He ended up dropping it off at my house – top bloke!

    I couldn’t imagine spending that kind of coin only for the same thing to happen.

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