This Is Not How You Tease A Game

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Pro tip: if you're going to announce a game, don't do this.

The good news is that if you were a fan of TimeSplitters, you'll be getting a fanmade remake in 2018. The bad news is we have no idea what the game actually looks like, because the "teaser" is little more than somebody messing around with 3D animation for the first time.

I'm not even joking. It's a series of green shards, rotating slowly with some nondescript music in the background before the TimeSplitters Rewind logo appears like it's something out of Harry Potter.

If you're still confused, TimeSplitters Rewind is trying to recreate the multiplayer portion of TimeSplitters 2, an arena shooter from Free Radical Design that shipped on the Xbox, PS2 and GameCube. It was famous back in the day because it shipped with a map creator, 16 game modes, support for 10 AI bots, an arcade league and more.

But as I noted with the beta of DOOM's multiplayer last year, arena shooters have a steep hill to climb. They're not popular anymore, even on their home platform of the PC. But an awful lot can change in a year: just look at 2016.

IF you want to catch up on all the particulars of TimeSplitters Rewind, you can do so here. The official site's certainly more exhaustive than the trailer, even though it hasn't been updated in several months.


    Wow, there's no way the green shards bit should've gone for 82 seconds.
    If it's just green shit and nothing else, it shouldn't have lasted more than and including 30 seconds.

      Yeah, that was a 15 second concept that dragged on way too long. That teaser disrespected my time, and that's a really bad way to start off.

    They are related to the TS lore, but by lordy, that long?!?

    Only the multiplayer? The single player was also a huge draw and had some great humour. Even more so in TS3. Map maker was great too, you could do all sorts of awesome logic stuff.

      Arcade and such is planned, but being a Crytek game, nothing stopping the wider community using the assets to remake SP levels.

    Loved the trailer. Solid 5/7. Can't wait for the directors cut.

    The problem with DOOM multiplayer wasn't that Arena shooters are unpopular (even though they might be), it's that DOOMs multiplayer wasn't very good at all and played completely differently to the singleplayer (which was awesome). I'd rather play UT99 than new DOOM multiplayer any day.

    I am a staunch TS supporter.

    " creator, 16 game modes, support for 10 AI bots, an arcade league and more."

    Not to mention the 150+ character models and respectable (olde, current and future) weapons. TS 2 & 3 were my go to fun games, 4 played split-screen playing Virus as a Calamari against monkeys with nothing but a blunderbuss. Very fond times

    My god, the sudden cuts and monotony of it all. A simple 30 seconds of the green stuff, and then one moves down off screen to reveal the title logo. Done.

    Imagine if that was the load screen

    When I first started the trailer, my initial impression was that you were being harsh. I quite liked the effect...but then it kept going, and going, and going. Seriously, that did nothing to get me excited about a follow up to a game I absolutely loved on the Gamecube. Actually, it may have done the opposite.

    Thought they were teasing a new season of Breaking Bad...

    The green crystals made me think of Command & Conquer.

    Now I'm sad, cause it's not Command & Conquer.

      Same :( thought it was Tiberium

      One can only dream now.

      Last edited 07/02/17 3:22 pm

    That's cool and all, but what I really want is TimeSplitters 4.

    EDIT: Never mind.


    Last edited 07/02/17 7:31 pm

    The article wasn't clear - this is a fangame right?

      Yeah, it's a fan project and multiplayer only from what I understand. He's refusing donations for anything other than server costs, not that it would make a difference legally but eh.

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