This Week In Games: For Honor, Halo Wars 2 And Another Game About Snipers

It's 2017 and there are a lot of video games about being a sniper. I find it hard to keep track.

Luckily there are also video games that are not about snipers. Games like For Honor and Halo Wars 2. Those games are still about killing people, but the range is different.

We should be thankful for small mercies.

Dragon Ball Fusion (3DS)

What is it? It's a Dragon Ball game. On the 3DS. That I didn't know existed until like 10 minutes ago.

Should you care? Yeah probably not.

Halo Wars 2 (Xbox One/PC)

What is it? The 'long-awaited' sequel to the fairly good console RTS.

Should you care? I think it's about as good as an RTS can get on console, so why not!

For Honor (Xbox One/PS4/PC)

What is it? An interesting game that reinvents hack and slash mechanics.

Should you care? I'm actually keen on this. I like the high concept.

Semispheres (PS4/PC)

What is it? A puzzle game where you control two things, in two separate realities, at the exact same time.

Should you care? Looks fun. I like weird puzzle games like this.

Sniper Elite 4 (Xbox One/PS4/PC)

What is it? A sniper game about going shoot-shooty on people from a distance.

Should you care? There seems to be a lot of these games. I've sort of lost track on which ones are good to be honest.

What did we miss? Picking anything up this week? Let us know in the comments!


    I'm super excited for sniper elite 4. 3 was a blast, especially on co op on the highest difficulty.
    That being said, in struggling to think of another sniper game that came out recently...

      Can't think of any that have come out recently, but Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 is out next month.

    Psyched for Halo Wars 2. First was massively underrated - RTS is always superior on PC, mostly because mouse/KB but they really made it work well for Xbox. Really intuitive controls.

      I remember the Tom Clancy one that you used the voice commands to control the units with. Seemed like an OK idea for console RTS and from what I saw, it actually worked. Anyone actually play this? Did these controls work?

    Tried the For Honor Beta on the weekend, although it looked nice and played smooth I struggled to find a match. I would have thought with all the hype/optimism surrounding it that it would be easy to find one. If this is in any way an early indicator of the post-release server population like it was with Battleborn I think I'll be giving it a miss entirely.

    I'd even caution myself against grabbing it down the round if discounted, as the one match I was able to find required the matchmaking algorithm to stretch out to include 'all regions and skill levels' and I was promptly spanked by much higher leveled and skilled players. I can only imagine this would be amplified by starting 6 months from now. I wonder if the devs will patch out the transparency of the match making process in the release version?

      It's always the cry in the multi-player only games.

      "There are no players! We need new players!"
      *free weekend spikes population temporarily*
      "GUYS STOP PUB-STOMPING THE NOOBS, they won't stick around if they only ever lose!"
      *population drops to worse-than-free-weekend levels*
      "Why didn't y'all listen... free to play next?"

      On Friday night there was just shy of 80,000 players online according to the in-game counter, though I had a few issues with matchmaking too.

      The closed beta had half that many players in it and had no dramas, so I would assume matchmaking itself was having issues.

      I attempted to try the open and closed Betas repeatedly but every time i got into a match with any more than 1 or 2 human players it'd instantly crash.

      This has gone from something i was very hyped for after playing it at the EB Expo last year to now i MIGHT get it when its on sale for just the single player.

    @markserrels quick typo... honor is spelt honour. You've probably got your auto-correct set to American.

    On topic, really looking forward to Halo Wars and For Honour.
    Playing the beta over the weekend, it just feels right... y'know?
    The combat is heavy, fast, manageable.. yet deep.
    I'd almost describe it as a fighting game.
    I like customising my knight, and I'm thrilled I can play against bots.

    As for Halo Wars... I need those Blur cutscenes.

    Last edited 13/02/17 11:35 am

      quick typo... honor is spelt honour.

      But that's not how it's spelt on all the packaging for the game here in Australia. Correct spelling be damned!

      It always bothered me that "For Honor" and "Dishonored" were released in this country with the wrong spelling. I'm glad someone else feels the same xD

    Disagree with you about dragon ball fusions. If you are any kind of Dragonball fan you probably already know about the game because it has been out since last year in the US. It has gotten quite good reviews too, I'll certainly be getting it.

      I had no idea this game existed. Googled and damn, I need this.

    I thought For Honor was pretty sweet, and I'll definitely be getting it.

    If only for the Single Player. I just have no desire to slave away building online characters only for the next biggest baddest game to drop rendering all you've done online obsolete anymore.

    I'm kind of at this point where I look at the games you've mentioned, see nothing in interested in, and breathe a sigh of relief.

    Halo Wars 2 is next week.

    Would be interested in For Honor, but I could not get into a single match during the open beta.

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