Togetic's Low Catch Rate In Pokemon GO Is Driving Players Up A Wall

Anyone who comes across Togetic in the wild will want to catch it — I mean, look at the cute 'lil bugger. Adding Togetic to your collection through a wild encounter may be way harder than it sounds, however.

While Togetic was technically available before through egg hatching, the recent gen two update has made the monster available through random encounters as well. Players, naturally, are trying to catch it. One problem, though. Reports are bubbling online of frustrated players who waste dozens of Great Balls, Ultra Balls and berries on Togetic only to have the bastard run away. People are documenting Togetic capture attempts, and they are excruciating to watch:

Source: r/PokemonGo

If you see a Togetic in the wild, keep all of this in mind. Some players say they have been able to capture Togetic no sweat, but most people say Togetic easily burns through all of their items. You may be better off sticking to eggs instead.


    He's not a monster so no 'need' to have him straight away. After a few eggs he'll be fine.

    I caught a level 710 togetic today. It was INSANE I wasted almost 100 balls, mostly ultra balls. 43 berrys, 36 nanab berries, and 1 pinaberry. It took me almost 20 min and I was certain after all that he was gonna run. But I got solo lucky. Especially considering I just started playing again 2 days ago after months of not playing. I used to have HORRIBLE luck playing. But maybe my licks changing

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