Tony Hawk Crapped On Trump And His Own Game In One Pristine Tweet

This deserves a million retweets.

Tony Hawk somehow managed to humbly acknowledge how bad Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 was and take a gentle dump on Donald Trump at the exact same time




      The monkey is triggered. Whats next? A fake news hashtag? Claiming Kotaku is biased against trump. lol

      Last edited 07/02/17 4:42 pm

        Zzzzzzz... You sound mad.

          Im not the one sooking everytime there is an article related to the drumpf.

            Zzzzzz.... Sook? Having a laugh mate.

            But your temper tantrum at a democratically elected leader is getting boring.

              The salt is real. Cant wait to see you next sook when kotaku post something about trump.

                I'll still be laughing at your Trump tantrums. But finding the articles boring.

    THPS5 was the greatest skating game of all time according to our alternative facts.

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