What The Hell Is Marvel’s Generations?

What The Hell Is Marvel’s Generations?

Marvel has just released a gorgeous piece of Alex Ross artwork with a simple tagline: “Generations — coming summer 2017.” (So winter in Australia.) That’s it. But what the hell is it? It’s time to start speculating.

Clearly, it seems to be another big event for Marvel — in an event-crazy year, as we still haven’t even gotten to the impending evil Captain America event, Secret Empire. And the implication seems to be about discussing the role of legacy characters in the Marvel universe — we’re seeing the original versions of Wolverine, Jean Grey, Hawkeye and Captains America and Marvel alongside their current, modern successors.

Some of these heroes already work alongside each other, like Peter and Miles Morales, Kate Bishop and Clint Barton (although Kate’s off on her own thing at the moment), Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson. Some are impossible pairings — Mar-Vell, the original Jean Grey and Bruce Banner are all dead; the Odinson is currently incapable of wielding Mjolnir as Thor; Tony is currently… whatever Tony currently is. So how are they coming together? Is it time travel? Alternate realities? Are they actually coming together, or is their presence behind their successors a more symbolic thing?

Let us know what you think in the comments, because for now, it seems like we’re not going to get more information until a bit later.


  • Looks like Wolverine is back.
    Young Jean is becoming Phoenix, along with old Jean Phoenix returning.
    And old Hulk and new Hulk become Conjoined hulk.

    Next year its Marvel Trans-Generation where every character will have 37 variants to cover all genders. Or are we up to 52 genders now?
    Hey! Marvel could do a different gender each week!
    Or even better! The same character but they change gender each week in an attempt to stay relevant!

    • Nahhh, pretty sure its tied to Resurrection or whatever the event after Secret Empire. Prepare for some mad SecretWars back pedaling to madly try and keep both “camps” happy.

  • Woooo more soft reboots, just what we needed.

    But in all seriousness Marvel is trying to return to copy Rebirth in the worst possible way, they need a lot of the new storylines to finish first and I doubt they could finish them before the end of Secret Empire. Say what you want about N52, at least they waited for most of the storylines to end before the real soft reboot leading into Rebirth.

  • But what the hell is it?

    Well, based on the costumes and choice of lighting, my guess is it’s some kind of superhero thing. Probably a comic. Case closed, you’re welcome.

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