When Your Partner Loves VR More Than You On Valentine's Day

Okay I am dead. RIP me.

Natalie Tran's Valentine's Day present to her VR obsessed boyfriend is pure genius.

I can't stop watching this.


    Haha! This is awesome.

    Last edited 14/02/17 1:06 pm

    This whole VR thing while sitting in front of a screen still confuses me...

      It's usually where all the controllers are :P

      I VR in front of a screen but it's generally being used by my non-VR PC unless I need to switch inputs and fix something up on the VR box that I can't do in-game or whatever.

    I love it how the guy is totally playing it cool and pretending that his wife isn't there, just concentrating on his game.


    What? That's totally what's happening.

    Last edited 14/02/17 4:39 pm

    Wow! Natalie Tran (and not the usual Pewdiepie or dunkey) made it on to Kotaku!

    Should tell her that she's finally famous

    Is that wheel sitting on his knees? Wouldn't have thought it would work well like that..

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