Who Needs 4K When You've Got 8K

Image: Xanvast

The gaming industry has spent the last couple of years talking up the beauty of 4K, but forget that. 8K is the real deal, people.

The screenshots are courtesy of a Flickr gallery curated by user Xanvast, who has uploaded more than 7100 shots of games in glorious 8K resolution. I've resized the photos down from their original 8K resolution to 1080p for size considerations, but you can view the gallery in full here.

The photos are ridiculously pretty. Scrolling through the entire gallery just makes me want to update my desktop wallpaper. Or wallpapers, really. It's basically an album of gamer porn.

Who knew Mad Max could look so good?

Remember Me was ordinary as all hell, but the game had some stunning environments. And that was at 1080p; Christ it looks good when you push the resolution further.

Images: Xanvast

You can also view albums for individual games, including shots of Alien: Isolation, the Metro series and others at 4K and 5K, here. Enjoy updating those wallpapers!


    So a system that could manage 60fps @ 8k?

    Prepare to bend over...

      hahah yeah. 4k one will still be costly, but not too bad. I can get decent 60+fps from many of my games at 4k, and my system is old. 8K though would be insane. I honestly don't know if the texture resolution in most games would make 8k worthwhile though yet.
      4k looks great at present, but I have a feeling a lot of games at 8k would leave textures looking somewhat... lacking. I could be wrong, but just my thoughts based on current common texture standards.

      If all you want to do is take pretty 8K screen shots, you don't need 60 fps though :)

        As they say, 5fps is 5 screenshots per second

    I have a number of 4K screenshots of various games on my steam profile if people want to see some more.


    It's a bit weird the way steam does its screenshot stuff though. To actually see the full res of the pics, once you select an image, you need to click the link in the blue bar at the top of the window, which takes you to a different screen, then clicking the image will open at full res.

    Last edited 10/02/17 12:49 pm

      ah which one are 4K?

      I'm genuinely curious can you honestly tell the difference between 1080p vs 4K? or am I getting comparison wrong haha

        Most of the recent ones are 4k. I can't recall how long ago I started taking them, but afaik, all the ones shown when you open the link are 4k. You do need to follow the steps I outlined above to see the actual 4k shots though. If you just click the pic, and then the pic again in the little blue bordered window that shows up, it only shows the screenshots at like half the res. You need to click the link in the top left of the blue bordered window (like.. the link is IN the blue border itself), and then on the pic in the next window to show the full 4k screenie. (So stupid, but that's how steam works)

        Actually just checked. If you switch to grid view, looks like I started taking 4k screenies in the section marked Sat, Jun 13 2015 - Mon, Nov 02 2015.
        Pretty much everything from then to the present should be mostly 4k I think.

        Wish there was an easier way to be able to directly view the 4k versions, but I can't seem to find one.

        Last edited 10/02/17 7:27 pm

          awesome thank you for that

            Most welcome! There's not a whole lot there really, but I will continue to take more. I often don't think about taking them unless I see something funny, or just stunningly gorgeous, but I have TONS of space due to my high steam rank, so I probably should start utilizing more of it!

    wonderful, these were the 8K screenies you should of posted yesterday!

      I actually used a couple of them, if you look back at the attribution in small caps. Writing that was how I came across this gallery, and figured it'd be remiss if I didn't share the wider thing with everyone.

    Alex don't you dare slag off Remember Me. That game had the best rhythm-based combat I've ever seen! The memory remix sequences were so awesome that they were basically shoved into Life Is Strange. As you say, the scenery was just delicious (mostly).

    Remember Me's story was 'OK' and that is probably the biggest criticism I'd level at it.

      That was the greatest achievement of Remember Me, that it taught Dontnod to focus on a game around the thing that was good (the memory remix sequences). The story was pretty ordinary though, and you kept revisiting the same environments over and over. And there wasn't a great deal of encouragement to change up your combos once you found the ones you liked, which just made the whole thing pretty monotonous.

      It bored me, which is probably the worst thing any game can do. And it wasn't really rhythm based combat because the input timing on combos was so large. But yeah, don't think we'll see eye to eye on that one. Great game for mucking around with SweetFX though.

    When you go this high, would you bother turning on antialiasing? Would you even notice it?

      I don't think so. But I can barely run games at 4K so I dun know!

      Most of the games I run without it turned on. I've never liked it much even at lower res though. I find any setting over 2x really makes stuff look a bit too blurry for my liking. There's a couple of games where it adds a nice touch, but I actually prefer the crisp edges in most games. As you said though, at 4k, it isn't needed as much because the details are so compacted that it kind of negates the need for it most of the time.

        FXAA is the general culprit with edge blurring, SMAA and following AA methods generally don't do that.

          Yeah these days there are more options which give better results, but in older games, or ones lacking those, the application of straight up AA can make it look like ass.

    Why not put both together for 12K? And add it together with 1080p for 13.08Kp

    Srs though, I get that graphics are important to represent the game play but graphics should never be precident over that.

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