Without A Doubt, The Best Yakuza 6 Glitches

Not only is Yakuza a good time, but its glitches and bugs can be, too. And here are the best ones of all.

[Image: hiropomi]

Like any big game these days, Yakuza 6 has some glitchy parts.

Such as this.

Or this buggy bit when the main character went MIA, turning Yakuza 6 into a first-person game. These are OK! But not the best.

This double chair glitch is certainly one of the most enjoyable ones.

The best one of all, however, is the toddler glitch. In one mission, you are supposed to carry around a small child, like so:




    I will use it to smite all the immigants

    Do the stores not actually require a loading screen to enter them on Yakuza 6? I am currently playing through Yakuza 0 and I am really enjoying it, but the open world just seems so lifeless and the loading screens to get into anywhere on the map just adds to it.

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