You'll Have To Wait Until Halloween For Stranger Things Season 2

Image: Netflix

Those three kids as Ghostbusters? Sign me the fuck up.

The teaser for the next Stranger Things season debuted during today's Super Bowl, and revealed that the season will debut this Halloween. It's currently in production, in case you were wondering, and we'll undoubtedly get a lot more footage between now and then.

But for now, enjoy Will staring at some truly creepy shit.

Also, what's going on here?

Image: Netflix


    Hopefully I'll have the first season done by then haha.

    Also, Cult of Chucky should be out around then too aww yis!

    The first season is one of the best TV shows I've ever seen. Can't wait for this.

    sooner then i expected I must admit

    looking forward to it, looks like the worlds are colliding in S2

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