A Better Look At Boruto, The New Naruto Spin-Off TV Anime

[GIF via TV Tokyo]

This isn't the first Boruto TV anime trailer, nor is it hardly our first look at the character. It is, however, a better look at what to expect in the upcoming anime series.

The teaser that hit last December didn't quite set the tone like this latest trailer. Here's the earlier teaser:

Compare with the latest one, below.

See? Much better!

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations begins airing early next month. 


    Isn't Naruto Shippuden still got some eps left? Not to mention the English release dates.

      It may be so, but in truth, the main story of Naruto is over. Latest episodes have been all "filler".

    I don't know where they'll get their material from for this... Outside of the movie there's probably not even a single episode's worth of content. The manga spinoff has only just finished re-capping that plot and not much else. Naruto was (and still is?) notorious for filler episodes, I guess Boruto is going to be the same - the topknot kid for what I assume is going to be the first episode alone just screams "filler".

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