A Game About Building A Gaming PC

A Game About Building A Gaming PC

If you play games on PC, you’ve probably at least considered building your own at some point or another. Problem: PCs are towering amalgams of chips, screws, and (ugh) thermal paste. The prospect of assembling one can be daunting. Enter PC Building Simulator.

Currently in a pre-alpha state, PC Building Simulator is exactly what it sounds like: a game about the painstaking process of building your own PC. You get to pick the parts, slot/screw/glue them into place, curse the heavens and try to throw a brick at god when something doesn’t work — all that fun stuff. There’s even gonna be a career mode where you can sell PC builds and make a living.

“The purpose of this game is to try to teach people about building PCs while still having fun,” wrote the game’s developer, Claudiu (via RPS). “I strive to make it a fun game to play but also a tool to plan builds or for those who want to practice this hobby without spending thousands of dollars.”

It’s not the most, er, graphically compelling game at this point, but the concept is neat. Despite what my misadventures might suggest, I’m all for more nitty-gritty tinkering games like My Summer Car, and this seems like it could fit the bill… though maybe with less beer. But hey, nobody’s saying you can’t bring your own.

You can download the early version of the game from Itch.io.


  • “Your GPU is 2mm too long and 3mm too high”
    “The RAM chosen isn’t super lower profile, incompatible with cooler”

    *rage quit*

  • If they want uber realism, they need to add the ability to cut a bloody artery on a sharp case edge and bleed all over your componentry as well 😀

  • This needs to be a broken physics game, could even be in VR with motion controls!
    Like, imagine…
    The having to carefully slot all the components into an awkward case while hoping you’re not damaging the pins on a card…
    Screwing in inconveniently placed screws while having to hold expensive components in place…
    Having to creatively snake cables around the case to fit into ports while hopefully not damaging the pins!


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