A List Of Weird Names My Kid Calls My Video Games

You and I, as adults, know to call things by their actual names. My kid is 4, and does no such thing.

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For reference, he's been playing some of these systems and games for around 18 months now. Which is why, despite now being a 4 year-old kid who can actually do a fairly good job of speaking like a human being, he persists with his cute lil' baby names for the systems and games he was familiar with back then.

They have stuck, and I just don't have the heart to correct him, because there is nothing better in the world than hearing somebody be convinced a game is actually called "Mario Build It".

Nvidia Shield: "Da Shee-uwd"

iPad: "AH [long pause] pad"

Xbox One: "Exx [long pause] Box"

PS2: "Old Pwaystation"

PS3: "Pwaystation"

PS4: "Daddy's Pwaystation"

PlayStation Vita: "Little Pwaystation Beetah"

Sega Dreamcast: [puzzled silence]

Nintendo GameCube: "Old Nintendo"

Nintendo GameCube Bongo Drums: "Donkey Kongs"

Nintendo 2DS: "Little Nintendo"

Nintendo 3DS: "Daddy's Big Little Nintendo"

Nintendo Wii U: "Big Nintendo"

Nintendo Switch: "Zelda"

Mario Kart 8: "Mar-YO Kart"

Super Mario 3d World: "The Mar-YO game"

Super Mario Maker: "Mar-YO Build It"

Yoshi's Wooly World: "Yoshi's Wooly Wooly World"

Street Fighter II: "Street Fighters [punches air]"

Disney Infinity: "Fin Finny"

The end.


    I feel the name for the Switch is fitting. It's pretty much all it is at current.

    My daughter once said she only likes cartoons that are "itchy eyes". After around an hour of questioning, we worked out she meant "CGI".

    Nintendo Switch: "Zelda"

    My kids called my 2DS "Kirby" because they played Kirby Triple Deluxe on it all the time. Even when they played other games on it, they'd call it "Kirby": "Daddy, can I play Miku on Kirby?"

    Nintendo 2DS: "Little Nintendo"

    Nintendo 3DS: "Daddy's Big Little Nintendo"

    He could have a job at Nintendo, he's already got their naming conventions down pat! :p

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    I play Sonic All Stars Racing with my 6yr old.
    My 3yr old calls it 'Snic Fly!' (Not a typo)

    My kids are almost 3, almost 2 and 3 months. None have shown much interest in gaming yet though I am sure that will change.

    not a gaming thing, but my 4 year old daughter calls Madagascar 3 'ruh-da-da-da-da-da-da-circus' because of the song marty sings. my wife and i cant bare to correct her due to its cuteness level of 11/10. also calls flamingos, mafingos and guitars kintars. both of which we also dont wish to correct her yet coz shes growing up too quick. ha ha. if anything makes a grown adult do irrational things, its the love for their kids.

    "Daaady, wat are you pwaying?"


    ...and that is how the Switch was named.

    just cause 3 - play the man
    broforce - mission fail
    Rocket league - rock leap

    well it isn't just kids that say silly things.
    Some things I have heard adults say make me wonder.
    Recent ones were

    Nintendo Switch : Nintendo Squinch
    Pentium 4 : P4 Penny Processor

    It's a Wooly, Wooly, Wooly, Wooly World.

    Some of my 4 yo's favorites

    Ninjas (N+)
    Grumbling Bear (Banjo Tooie)
    Skateboard (Skate 3)
    Dark Souls (yes he knows what Dark Souls is and no he's not allowed to play it!)

    My son calls Mario 3D World "Cat Mario".

    Me: What do you want me to play?
    Him: Cat Mario!

    For the most part though he has a good memory for games and naming.

    My 3 yr old:

    iPad = eye pat!
    iphone = eye phooooone!!
    Mario = Malie yo
    Luigi = HHHEehehehehehe
    Ps3 = Black Playsatayun
    Wii - White Yoshi computah (he loves yoshi)
    The led lights on my PC case
    and almost every other light in the house = Daddy Car Light

    Zelda is the 'link game' to my 4 year old.
    Splatoon came out as 'Splabatoon' for awhile????
    iPad was 'iPab' with an American twang???
    Not quite 2 year old saw an poster for BOTW at the store and said to me 'Link Game, Nintendo Switch'. Didn't quite have the word Nintendo down but I was surprised that we was able to articulate the name of the system and got that just from a pic of the cover of BOTW.

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