A Perfect Video Game Loading Screen

A Perfect Video Game Loading Screen

Thanks for the tip, Ghost Recon. I sure wouldn’t want to frighten any civilians.

(AU Editor’s Note: We’ll have a full review soon, but until now, here’s Heather’s first impressions from the latest video game to bear the Tom Clancy name.)

Ghost Recon Wildlands Impressions: Some Frowns, Some Smiles

I've played about 11 hours of Ghost Recon Wildlands, sniping enemies and trolling my hapless squadmates. It's a pretty good time although I'm a bit worried that the fun won't last forever. Here are some early thoughts on what works and what doesn't.

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  • Before the editors note, this is a 14 word “article”. The entire thing is in the thumbnail that you click to open it up ….

    • I came in to say the exact same damn thing.

      Awkwardly, I thought there might actually be some discussion around some loading screens that are well made. Interactive ones, or some that have an interesting visual effect; or better, games which load behind a video recording of a briefing for what you’re about to do…

      It’s not that the irony of the image in this ‘article’ isn’t wasted on me… having played the closed and open beta for GR:W I too found the holster button totally pointless; but damn.

  • Dumbest civilians ever. Holstered weapons ARE NOT concealed in the game.

    American running around a third world country visibly carrying three guns… not scarey. Takes out a pistol, shit yourself and immediately run away screaming.

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