A Soft Way To Fix The Switch’s Screen Scratching Issue

A Soft Way To Fix The Switch’s Screen Scratching Issue

Where there’s a hardware flaw, there’s a cottage industry to take advantage of it, and the Switch dock’s propensity to scratch console screens is no different.

There’s still no confirmation if the scratches are being caused by sloppy owners or the odd bent dock, but whatever, if you’re concerned that a cheap piece of plastic is going to mess up the screen of your new console, there are a bunch of people on Etsy with some very quaint workarounds.

Seller TinckoyMakesitSew (via Nintendo Life) has in the time since the console’s launch come up with a number of designs for “Dock Cozys”, which solve the issue not by correcting user technique or Nintendo’s plastic, but by covering half the dock in a nice soft, microfiber sock.

A Soft Way To Fix The Switch’s Screen Scratching Issue

I like how they look cool even if you have no issues with scratching whatsoever, and I guess could then just be used as a way to clean your screen.

You can check out the full range of covers here.


  • Ok … how does ones dock scratch the switch, i reckon as long as you are not putting it in there like you are lebron in a dunk contest, you should be fine

    • Hard plastic sliding against plastic, seems plausible enough to me. Like how all your Game Boy carts have scuff marks down the back from being slotted in and out all the time.

    • Nah, they’re too innovative for that. The next Switch will be the SwitchCube, an eight-inch cube with screens on each of its six surfaces so you can play up to six games at once.

      Then the version after that will be the Switchbix Cube, with 54 one-inch square screens divided up nine a side, and you can rotate the faces to mix-and-match particular screens to the same side of the cube. If you manage to align all the screens correctly you win a “life-changing” experience in a future Peter Molyneux game (maybe, if he can be bothered).

  • Well, I guess the question now is…

    How long until Nintendo seek to take some sort of legal action against this individual?

    • Cheaper/faster/easier for them to just copy it. Nintendo brand power and product placement trumps (sorry) innovation and squashes the little guy unfortunately. Sure they’d have to acknowledge a design flaw, but they could always just say it’s for looks. Nintendo don’t seem to mind living in denial.

  • On day one I fitted a screen protector to my Switch, and when putting it in the dock I’m like a parent laying down a sleeping baby, but I have noticed faint “smudges” for want of a better word on the sides of the screen. They rub off with a cleaning cloth, but it’s indicative that there is a design flaw. The dock is simply too narrow. I don’t know how the Big N could have missed it.

  • I’ve seen a few of these articles now… Why isn’t Nintendo admitting a design flaw and recalling/rectifying? I don’t get it.

    • Because millions of players don’t have any issues, indicating that it’s probably more of a user problem than a design problem?

      • It is a design problem. Thousands of people are reporting this issue you fanboy. The Switch is garbage.

        • Show me these “thousands” of people reporting the issue. Link me to forum threads with thousands of replies in them. This issue is only being reported by a vocal minority that makes it seem like it’s bigger than it is. The millions of players without an issue obviously aren’t reporting anything.

          I don’t even own a Switch. Not at all interested in it at the moment. But go ahead and keep calling me a fanboy if it helps you sleep at night.

          • I own a switch, can’t stand the dock and always dock my switch as slow as possible while trying to keep it away from the front as it’s already scratched the bottom of my switch (Albeit not much of a scratch, though).
            But I’ve never said anything about it. I’m not one of the vocal ones. Just because you’re only hearing a few people, doesn’t mean there isn’t a silent majority with them. Look at how Trump won. I think it’s naive to assume since only a few people are complaining that there isn’t an issue for the rest.

      • i mean sure.. its plausible that the dock scratches the screen.. but my point (in an earlier comment) was, if you just be a little gentle.. it shouldn’t be a problem.

        • This. I have a 7 year old son constantly taking the Switch in and out of the dock. No scratches no smudges nothing at all.

          What was the trick? I told him that if he isn’t careful he will scratch the screen. Problem solved.

          I tried the screen protector, but wonder how anyone could put up with the degradation in picture. Admittedly it was the plastic protector and not the glass one.

  • On the off chance the screen scratch would be an issue, Id actually buy one of these – besides the fact the postage is as much as the bloody sock.

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