A Tokyo Parking Garage For Geeked-Out Cars

[Image: akb_udx_pstaff]

"Itasha" are decal-covered nerdmobiles. One Tokyo garage might be the best place in Japan to spot them.

That, or you know, just walking around the streets of Akihabara. Whichever!

Akihabara UDX is a 15-story building in Tokyo's anime and gaming epicentre of Akihabara. UDX is filled with shops, restaurants, offices, and event spaces. Underneath are three levels of below ground parking, and the garage staffers have been cataloging the itasha that roll through.

"Itasha" (痛車) literally means "painmobile," but is said to refer these custom jobs inflict on the wallet. Covering your car in anime and video game characters ain't cheap!

There are also "itansha" (痛単車) for geeked-out motorcycles and "itachari" (痛チャリ) for sticker covered bicycles.

Not all the cars in this garage are itasha, but here are some of the standouts:

For more, checking out the garage's Twitter.


    Thanks to Akiba's Trip, I am all over this.

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