Action MMO Tera Coming To Xbox One And PS4

Remember Tera, the massively multiplayer online role-playing game with the really cool combat system that came out on PC back in 2012? The free-to-play game is coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 later this year.

It makes sense. I haven't done much with Tera since I reviewed it five years ago, but the game's action-oriented combat system makes it a perfect fit for consoles. It's a little late to the party, but I can see PS4 and Xbox One owners getting some mileage out of it, if they can get past all of the clutter that's been mucking up the game since it went free-to-play back in 2013. It has a unique fantasy setting, the action is excellent, and only one of its player races looks disturbingly like little preteen girls with animal ears and tails.

"The past five years of Tera have been fantastic," said En Masse Entertainment CEO Sam Kim via press release. "We have an amazing and ever-growing player base on PC and we can't wait to share Tera with a brand new audience on consoles. Everyone at En Masse Entertainment and Bluehole is putting an incredible amount of effort into making sure that console players have the best Tera experience possible, and can enjoy the wide range of content the game has to offer."

En Masse will be at Pax East this weekend, chatting with the people. People interested in getting in on the upcoming console beta can sign up here.


    I quite enjoyed playing it back in the day but it had a lot of issues with lag. Both server-side lag and actual latency were a problem, made certain classes especially those that rely on kiting or dodging extremely hard. Also ran into a bit of a wall toward higher levels where it became extremely difficult to level solo. Still quite fun, might check it out again once it releases.

    Grunt. I can just see the average western console player taking two days to download and install Tera then after completing the fairly clean and intuitive tutorial before entering the shared world proper and being immediately overwhelmed by all the cash-shop nags, 'free gifts', crafting packs, cash-shop nags, end-game appearance customization materials, chatspam, event notices, and cash-shop nags.

    You have to ignore a LOT of endgame-only bullshit spam as a new player, now. I really hope they fix all that shit, or they're going to find a whole lot of people uninstalling after 30min.

      Why in the world would it take anyone to download a game in 2017..?

        PSN/XBL, yo. Steam can deliver me a 40GB game in an hour or so, but the same on PSN is a day or two. I tried the tricks about blocking various IP addresses on my router to prevent the consoles checking in with lossy overseas sites for the download, but it didn't seem to fix much.

      i highly doubt it. sice the consols have ff14 which has more memeory and a better game. it wont take long to download either

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