An Erotic Game With A Very Big... Script

Who knew erotic game scripts were so big? Maybe you did! It makes sense, because these games, sexy stuff aside, sure can get chatty. 

[Images: KHMS_official]

The official Twitter for eroge Shin Koihime Musou Kakumei Souten no Haou announced that voice recording for the latest entry in the long running Koihime Musou series is getting underway.

[Image: Nexton]

Here are all the scripts that are going out for the recording, apparently. The Koihime Musou games have loads of characters, so length of the game's script shouldn't come as a total surprise.

The game's making is using script length as a way to promote this title. Because, I guess, length is very important. Heh.

Erotic or not, this isn't called an adult visual novel by accident! 


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