Blizzard Overhauls Heroes Of The Storm's Progression System

Today, Heroes of the Storm announced some big changes to its progression system.


Heroes 2.0, launching in beta today, aims to make levelling up more interesting. Currently, each heroes' level caps at 20 and, at later levels, their XP curve is, in game director Alan Dabiri's words, "punishing". Heroes 2.0 will remove the level cap and decrease the XP curve, so experience will plateau at level 12. Also, players' levels will now reflect the sum total of each individual heroes'.

"No longer will you need to feel torn between playing your favourite heroes or continuing to earn account rewards," a recent Heroes video explained:

Loot chests, which you'll get every level, are also coming to Heroes, à la Overwatch. Gold, skins, sprays, banners, emojis, portraits, mount variations and heroes will be inside. A new currency called "shards" is gained when you receive duplicate items. They let players forge cosmetic items.

The currency "gems" will also "replace the direct monetary currency of the previous shop," the new video says. "Previously, the majority of our cosmetic items had to be purchased with real money," Dabiri explained.

It looks like the Heroes dev team learned a few things from its cousin Overwatch's success. The experience plateau and loot chests are definitely reminiscent of Overwatch's progression system, one that's received a ton of praise from players.


    Very exciting. Love this game, been playing it for ages.

    I can't wait for this. I have so many characters only a level or two away from unlocking Master skins that I should get a good few levels out of it. Although the Master Skins won't be locked behind the level 10 wall now, so that sucks, but it all sounds pretty great!

    Ahh awesome, I look forward to grinding forever to get the one item I want from a loot pool full of useless sprays/portraits/crap.

      Beats paying 15 bucks for a skin. If I'm playing anyway, why not work towards earning it?

        Yeah that's actually a fair point, I wouldn't spentld 15 bucks on a skin either, but this way might actually get them one day.

    As a regular casual player who did not spend money, I welcome these changes

    Been enjoying this since the alpha and will continue to do so.

    Wow, people still support this bug ridden, unbalanced, low playerbase game?


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