Breath Of The Wild And Nintendo Switch: The JB H-Fi Review

Forget in-depth 4000 word reviews with video, GIFs, images... all you need is one sentence on a coloured piece of card and a rating out of five.

I know this is the review you've all been waiting for.

And yes, the Switch really is a Zelda machine right now. Still 5 stars though.

And don't forget about 1-2 Switch, even though pretty much everyone else on the planet has.


    What is Moss doing on the front of the cow milking game?

      He's finished his milk...... so needs to grab some more.

    1-2 switch is a poor excuse for a game. Its a tech demo that should be free with the console. Cant believe they try to claim its $70-80 worth. I'm guessing its bwcause of the low title count at release it makes it look better on the shelf. Its a $15 game tops. At $15 I'll agree with 2-3 stars but at $70+ should be 1 star. /rant

      Of kids have had many hours of enjoyment with 1-2 Switch.

      Then again, they get many hours of enjoyment from Just Dance too, so.......

    I... Don't get it?

      Switch cartridges have a flavour added to them that makes them taste awful, so kids and animals won't put them in their mouths (they're really small). There are a tonne of 'flavour' memes about it.
      Also can confirm, it's a nasty experience. Like licking a battery, but worse.

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