Breath Of The Wild Gets The Honest Trailers Treatment

Image: Nintendo

It's time to grab our magical Android phones to save Hyrule.

After a few weeks, the latest Honest Trailers has finally had a crack at Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It's pretty straight down the barrel - Link can jump, everyone gives him shit for failing Hyrule 100 years ago, and that most of the Zelda formula has been thrown out the window.

If anything, the Honest Trailers probably isn't critical enough. But that will happen when you enjoy something deeply, as Honest Trailers seems to do with Zelda.

Interesting question going forward will be: what does Breath of the Wild look like after DLC? We're so used to seeing games change completely, or become worthwhile, after an expansion or two. But if you're Nintendo, what do you add? We already know Zelda is getting some DLC soon, but would you add more shrines, a whole new town, or some more sidequests?


    LOL, removed Mark's story because the Honest Trailer did in fact refer to weapon degradation... "hoarding weapons".

    Also was pretty spot on, mentioning Witcher 3 and Just Cause, open world towers etc.

    Last edited 29/03/17 10:33 am

    Played my first three hours last night on my day old switch. Faaaarkin impressive bit of kit.

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