Breath Of The Wild's Shark Prince Is Getting A Lot Of Love From Thirsty Zelda Fans

No one could have predicted how horny people would get for the shark man crown prince from Zelda: Breath Of The Wild.

Prince Sidon is Zora royalty, and you meet him as you head to their domain to take on the Divine Beast Vah Ruta. He's generally affable and brave, and well liked by his people. There's even a Prince Sidon fanclub in-game.

Even so, their enthusiasm is outmatched by the Prince Sidon fanclub IRL.

Lots of people ship Sidon with Link, who he encourages and cheers on throughout his quest. In fact, I've been seeing more fanart for the pair than Link with Zelda, who are the de-facto canon ship, or with Mipha, the Zora champion who explicitly wanted to marry him 100 years ago. There's a part of me that has reservations about Link and Sidon — my coworker, Eric Van Allen, has a sister who is a marine biologist, and she notes that shark skin is actually comprised of very small teeth called denticles, and at best that would chafe during intimate moments. But I have to admit, the fanart is really cute.

Some people just wanna fuck the shark. To them I say: Go with God.

But even if you're not into the shark with abs, the memes he's generated are pretty funny.


    Initially I thought zidon was going to be a flaky bag of bravado, but he's actually a legit bro!

    You don't make a 3 metre tall buff shark man and not know that this would happen

    He is like the coolest bro you can have in game.

    Not to mention he is literally link's brother in law

    I mean he's pretty cool I guess but he's no Kass.

    Will stick with my Xcom2 snek waifu, thanks!

    Cause if it moves Tumblr will fuck it.

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