Bring Me The Head Of The Giant Gundam

Just look at that! Workers pulling the head right off of a life-sized Gundam.

[Image: yoshi115t]

This giant Gundam went up in Tokyo in 2009, and this spring a new giant Gundam, RX-0 Unicorn Gundam, will go up at the same location.

Via Twitter user yoshi115t, these images of the head removal are surreal. 

[Image: yoshi115t]

[Image: yoshi115t]

[Image: yoshi115t]

Have a look at more photos of the giant Gundam being taken down.

You can see more on yoshi115t's Twitter


    Tis a sad day. But hey at least they are replacing it with something pretty bloody awesome. Currently building the Perfect Grade of the replacement.

    I went there, it was massive, very cool. Shame they took it down.

    Those images dont do it justice till you see how small the dude working on the head is!
    Id be more than happy to have it dropped off in my backyard if they are retiring it, just so it doesnt go to waste ;) Id love to turn it into a studio apartment

    Sad. The RX-7-82 is legendary.
    I'm assuming they'll put the Unicorn up in Destroy mode at least.

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