Bungie Announces Destiny 2

First leaked last week via poster, here it is: Destiny 2, a video game in which players travel through space, reminiscing about Destiny 1. It will be out this September.

More to come whenever Bungie announces it...


    Been about a year since I've touched Destiny, think I'm ready to get back into it.

      Yeah, that thought crossed my mind too.

      Off-hand, do we know much about what 2 will offer? Major points of difference?

        There's a bit of info around - generally design goals and lessons learned at this stage, but nothing official yet. Engage the rumor mill: Improved capability for post-launch content and change (and frequent content drops will be a priority for the Live team between expansions), playspace scale is getting a massive increase (mentions of a near-Saturn area being bigger than all of the playspaces in the current game combined), story focus will be on the Cabal... There's been talk of towns/outposts with characters and factions and quests, etc...

        TL;DR: The only info Bungie has released thus far is an image confirming the existence of D2. They've not said anything else - there have been leaks, but no real way to confirm or deny their validity... yet.

    Wonder if they'll have fixed the local fireteam bug by then.

    Snark aside, I am looking forward to diving into whatever sexy nonsense they throw at us.

      OMG I don't believe it...

      "Fixed an issue impacting some players' ability to join Fireteams over local network connections"

      From the latest patch notes, now can I actually bring myself to jump back in? For old times sake on the legacy raids I reckon I can.

    Hope the increase the team to 4, seriously who had the bright idea to limit it to 3 when all other coop games like this are 4?

    I'm just sitting here hoping for a PC release

      I thought that was already confirmed?

      But now I dont remember where I read that, and given there's been no official announcement.. maybe Im wrong!

      Certainly hope it hits PC; this type of game feels made for it.

      Last edited 28/03/17 3:01 pm

    I am super sceptical about Destiny 2, I mean at best they have had three years of development. Stinks of Activision.

      I think the entire gaming community is sceptical about this....

        Probably not people that still legit think its an mmo. Those people are too deep.

    great, big fan of the first however i never got to play any of the raids, Bungie please add Raid Matchmaking, if FFXIV can pull it off and it is 10x as complicated as destiny then you can as well.

      I think the main reason that they didn't do it is because they didn't want a no mic problem. This could be easily fixed with a ping system though, even if it's simple like how you can mark enemies in gears 3 and 4.
      Want to tell your ally that they need to stand over there because an alien is about to burst through? Ping the ground and they might get the idea.

        That's a really good idea and just add a button that says "I only want to be paired with people who have microphones" so you can avoid that.

        Also if the rumours are true and it is available on PC, text chat will fix a lot of that as well.

    Picked up Rise of Iron on the weekend, no one in the playlists to play the strikes. Other than that its still pretty good.

    ...Now I need a new pair of jeans.

    Give me all the things I think about but have never expressed to you Bungie!!

    Clan things, I want some sliders to customise... stuff.

    I loved the gameplay of Destiny, but it was so limited and my butthole was so stretched from Activision artificially gating content to charge 3x the game cost, that I dunno if I trust em for round 2.

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