Burgers So Cheesy They Beg To Be Measured 

In Japan, fast food restaurant Lotteria is rolling out two cheesy burgers, providing patrons with measures for them to see just how long the mozzarella stretches.

[Images: Entabe]

According to Entabe and Gigazine, the Mozzarella Cheese Burger and the Mozzarella Cheese & Beef Burger just launched in Japan. (I believe they have already gone on sale in South Korea.)

[Image: Gigazine]

[Image: Gigazine]

These are very cheesy burgers!

Hence the aprons to measure the stringy cheese!

[Images: Entabe]

Lotteria is one of the more interesting fast food restaurants around, previously offering chewing gum shakes, chocolate sauce for fries, and horrible-looking burger towers.

These cheesy burgers will be on sale in Japan until April 5. For more, check out Entabe and Gigazine


    I once ate from a lotteria in vietnam.

    i shit my pants the next morning after an overnight train.

    never again.

    also the cheese bib is remarkably phallic

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