Capcom Bundles Six Remastered Disney Afternoon Classics

Capcom is giving six NES games based on some of Disney's finest television animation work HD makeovers in The Disney Afternoon Collection for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4, featuring Darkwing Duck, TaleSpin, DuckTales and Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers.

Some of the finest licensed 2D platformers in the late '80s and early '90s came from Capcom's deal with Disney, and now a bunch of them are coming back. Each of the six games (including sequels for DuckTales and Rescue Rangers) in the $US19.99 ($26) collection are remastered for full 1080p support, with various filters available to tweak that retro feel. (Australian pricing has not yet been confirmed.)

On top of the upscaling, the games have also been enhanced with Boss Rush and Time Attack modes, as well as a rewind feature to help players unused to the more challenging platformers of the past a chance to survive. All of this, plus an in-game museum featuring facts and images from the original releases.

The Disney Afternoon Collection is coming to Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4 on April 18. These were once my jam, and they shall be my jam anew.


    Cartoons back in the day were just the best, all of those mentioned above plus Gummi Bears, Samurai Pizza Cats, Captain Planet, Widget, Thundercats, Voltron, Transformers.... kids these days have pus like Ben 10 and Paw Patrol - sure they keep my kids entertained, but they wont ever be considered classics.
    ...Shaun the Sheep is pretty good though...

      I sometimes wonder if my preference for these older greats is a result of nostalgia or the fact I can't enjoy modern cartoons (which are actually just as good) because I'm in fact a 32 year old man now...

      Nah, they ain't as good anymore.

      Also, Trapdoor.

        We were discussing this topic the other day at the pub. The only agreeable outcome that was decided upon was that the old(er) cartoons all had memorable intros/music compared to their modern day counterparts.
        Apart from that the topic of "best generation of cartoons" was nearly split down the middle amongst our demographic - notably those that had kids were slightly higher in favour of the newer ones.
        Also - He-Man and Dino Riders.

          So funny you say that, I was discussing with my brother recently how the themes of these older cartoons were so iconic. Played a drinking game where we Youtube the opening theme of these old cartoons and if you guess the show within 5 seconds you don't drink (just audio of course, no video). Amazing how many of these we got within the first second or two, I'd say it was about 80%.

          Also, Bananaman, Darkwing Duck, Rugrats.... we could go on and on.

        It's just nostalgia. Anyone who says they enjoyed this Tailspin game is lying. It was garbage then and it's garbage now.

      Agree with everything cept Captain Planet. That was a pretty craptastic cartoon.

      I always wondered how they never saw through Widget's disguise.

      *Looks at a group of wild african animals*

      "Where's that blasted alien gotten to, eh?"


        There were loads of crap for us as kids too, you just tend remember the good ones.

        There are some great animated shows around now. Recent ones have been Adventure Time, Regular Show, Mickey Mouse, TMNT, Trollhunters and the Looney Tunes show (haven't had a chance to catch Wabbit yet)

      I think you just haven't kept in touch with cartoons these days. Kids these days get really cool stuff like Avatar, The Legend of Korra, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe and Adventure Time. Hell, some of the modern adaptations of classical cartoons like Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny are pretty good! (Not to mention that several of the things that you mention are anime and there's literally heaps of cool kid-friendly anime nowadays.)

    These were Nintendo games! How the hell is this not coming to Switch...?

      Because Nintendo is too busy over pricing the original NES versions on its Virtual Console.

      I would love this for switch. Live in hope!

      I know right? Give me a physical Switch version and I'll buy the shit out of.

      Capcom stop being garbage already.

    Having this on the Switch would certainly be my preference. Failing that, I'd probably get it on the PS4 instead, assuming the game even gets released on the AUS store, Double Dragon 4 still hasn't even been released on the AUS PSN store.

    CAPCOM why aren't you bringing the Disney afternoon collection to the Nintendo Switch? That's absolute rubbish.

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