Capcom Might Have Put A Resident Evil 7 Conspiracy To Rest

If you've finished Resident Evil 7, please continue. If not, don't! Because Capcom has commented on something that's been bugging fans since they have finished the game.

[Image: Capcom]

Spoilers ahead!

At the end of Resident Evil 7, a character named "Redfield" descends out of a helicopter, takes off his mask and helmet, and says, "I'm Redfield."

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Even though the character has changed over the years, this dude does not look like the Chris Redfield of RE6, leading to wild theories that this character is someone else, namely Hunk.

Of course, Capcom has already announced that Chris Redfield is getting his own DLC...

But some folks still believe that the character is Hunk.

According to a conversation with RE7 director Koshi Nakanishi on Capcom's official site, the devs were going for a simulated experience, so photorealism was one way they could trick players' brains.

"If were to put in the CG model of Chris we've used up to now, it would feel like dropping in a character from a different world." Thus, Capcom thought, the illusion would be broken.

[Image: Capcom]

Instead, players were all going, "Who's this dude?"

The character model for Resident Evil 6's Chris is realistic but still somewhat distorted. "His head and his body don't match up with an actual human," Nakanishi explained, "and the way [the character's] data was made was completely different. Because of this, we looked for a model, redid [the character] by photoscan, and RE7's Chris was born."

Here is said model, apparently a New Zealander living in Tokyo named Geordie Dandy.

This isn't as much fun as the conspiracy! But maybe Capcom can work in the Hunk bit after the fact.


    This leads to other questions, like if that is the real Chris, what was he doin in an Umbrella Helicopter?

      Guess got to wait and see what happens when the DLC is up.

    It seems a bit lazy that Capcom didn't really do anything to redesign the photoscan to make it look like the Chris model from earlier games. Also the fact that they have a different voice actor threw a lot of people for a loop so I can understand the conspiracy theories.

      I thought I saw somewhere the Japanese version listed the same voice actor in its credits? and it was only the English version that had a different voice actor?

    I still wanna know why and/or how Ethan's hand worked perfectly fine after being reattached. Was he infected? Surely something had to be up.

      That's the implication. You may not have come across it but there's a moment where you can get cornered by Daddy in the room off the kitchen where you go under the floor to get to the safe room. He will slice your leg off below the knee and make you drag yourself to a health bottle he puts on the ground.

      Basically anyone 'infected' is capable of regenerating.

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