Defeated League Of Legends Player Rams Head Through Computer Monitor 

Goodness. After losing a match, one League of Legends player in the Chinese city of Lanzhou apparently got angry and slammed his head through the computer screen.

[Image via Ifeng]

According to Ifeng, he was pissed at how poorly his teammates played and took it out on an internet cafe monitor.

[Image via Ifeng]

While other players snapped photos to share online, the net cafe staff helped the guy get his head out of the hole he made.

[Image via Ifeng]

That looks like it really hurt.

A local news reporter (via ShanghaiIst) went to this net cafe and claims to have confirmed with staff that this incident did happen. However, the destroyed screen had been pitched, and the cafe's manager conveniently denied the whole thing.


    This pretty much encompasses my entire opinion of MOBA players' behaviour in general.

    Main reason I avoid the entire genre was all the DotA-induced raging and arguments which regularly broke out in my uni common room during my study years... after seeing how the players behaved and interacted with each other IN PERSON it was easy to decide I wanted no part of it.

      To me this is true for the whole lot of games with a "ranking" system. It makes for a competitive environment which is nice, but also increases toxicity by a fair amount.

      These systems are simply in place to make sure you play against people of roughly the skill level, but in the end it is used by players to show how big your epenis is and they end up caring wayyy too much.

      I was the exact opposite. I have great memories of yelling insults at my friends down the hall (we were the nerd floor... don't judge) as we all flogged each other in DotA. Then again, we never really took it seriously, so that probably helped.

    Is it really that much different than a tennis player destroying a racket?

      Well to be fair its not his "racket", so yeah. It is pretty different.

      I don't think anyone has ever destroyed a tennis racquet with their head.

    The police declined to comment on whether they're monitoring the situation.

    So did his head punch out a perfect circle in the monitor?
    I would've thought the damage would be more akin to a flap, not a punched out circle... seems staged to me.

      Exactly my sentiment, unless this monitor is sugar glass, there is no way he could punch a hole like this with his head!

      i thought this too, the only way it could have worked is if they bolt the screens to the desk to prevent people walking out with them in the cafe. or could have grabbed the screen and thrusted it towards himself as he headbutted it. using back and neck muscles could provide a hell of a lot of force in one direction when coupled with arm strength pulling it. i am still skeptical, but id say its plausible.

        If he grabbed it on both sides it would've more likely snapped in half vertically. If it was bolted to the desk it would have busted horizontally you'd think...

          yeah, i really am not convinced one way or the other. i said its plausible, but i agree about the nice hole that is left in screen is a little too perfect.

    I once broke the arm off a wooden chair playing Lylat Wars. It's one of my all-time favourite games.

    I am not at all proud of the way I acted when playing some games over the years that really frustrated me, I feel for the young man here.

    Sucks it has be treated as news.

      Oh man, that game. The boss on the water level. You keep shooting bits off him and the crane just keeps picking them up. There is some trick to stopping that. Came back about a year after finished the game to play through the campaign a few more times. Could not for the life of me work out the trick again. Pissed off so much.

    I'm impressed by his commitment; surely there was no hesitation and no doubt in his objective. This guy is Riot's Ironhead.

    I haven't broken any screens, but I did snap the keyboard tray during a particularly frustrating game of DotA.

    Then again, it was a second hand Amart desk, so a falling feather would also probably have snapped the tray.

    Saltiest person I've seen in years.

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