Destiny 2 Teaser Shows The Last City Exploding

The Destiny 2 marketing campaign is now in full force, and with it comes this teaser trailer, featuring everyone's favourite rogue Cayde-6 hanging out in a bar as the Last City burns around him. (This is a fun one.)

This teaser follows yesterday's Destiny 2 logo reveal and last week's retail leak. Looks like the "full" announcement — complete with proper details and, I'd bet, confirmation that it's coming to PC — is coming on Friday.


    Is there anything that isn't improve with Nathan Fillion?

    Can never have to much Nathan Fillion and glad to see the true hero, sweeperbot is all good

    Was that actual gameplay footage. LOL.

      Nope, reveal is tomorrow or day after I believe. Lol to being funny or graphics?

        I presume it's a LOL to the "not actual gameplay footage" disclaimer on the bottom of the trailer.

    Ohh if its on PC....that would be amazing

      Yeah, Destiny looked pretty fun, but no PC. Made me sad.

      So I'm actually looking forward to Destiny 2 on PC :D yay!

    I reckon they'll nail this one. Took the team from Taken King (their best expansion) to start on this. Just don't go down the road of revealing exotics or showing them off on Instagram. Keep it all a discovery please!

    Also remember guys. If they sell a tube launcher 2nd week of IS NOT a waste of an exotic inventory slot!

      'Also remember guys. If they sell a tube launcher 2nd week of IS NOT a waste of an exotic inventory slot!'

      Fuckin' oath, it took me ages to get that thing otherwise. BUY ALL THE EXOTICS YOU CAN WHEN YOU CAN! lol

    I'm just stoked that someone managed to CG fluids that looked right.

    And with that, I'm back in.

    Now, here's hoping to the odd Firefly and Buffy easter eggs scattered throughout the game!

      I am back in as well. I haven't touched Destiny in months but I think I will play some now and enjoy it.

    I spent so many hours playing Destiny so I am really looking foward to this. Did anyone do the secret mission in the Vault of Glass? The grimoire cards you picked up in it hinted to the fall of the last city.

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