Doctor Octopus Is Back With A New Look And A New Allegiance

Doctor Octopus Is Back With A New Look And A New Allegiance

The recent Clone Conspiracy event has brought back a few dead people from Spider-Man’s past. Some good, some… well, less good. One of those folks is none other than Otto Octavius — he’s back, better than ever before, and he has some new supervillainous friends to boot.

Image: Marvel Comics. Art by Alex Ross.

Marvel has just unveiled its June solicitations, and naturally, the upcoming reveal of Steve Rogers’ fealty to Hydra in Secret Empire plays a big part in them. There are a ton of spinoff books like Brave New World and Uprising, but the event will also bleed into other ongoing series, like Amazing Spider-Man #29, which will see Otto reveal that he’s joined Steve’s Hydra invasion, and he’s ready to take Peter Parker down again as the Superior Octopus.

Fancy duds you got there, Doc. Very Spider-Man, which is appropriate give the fact he was Spider-Man for a bit.

This is the culmination of what’s been a long road for Octavius, ever since his “death” in 2012, which ultimately lead to him body-swapping with Peter Parker and inhabiting the webslinger’s body as the Superior Spider-Man. This being comics, neither Peter nor Otto were gone for good — when Pete got his body back, Otto lived on, hiding in the body of the Living Brain as Peter’s docile robot assistant. That remained until the recent Clone Conspiracy event brought him back into a cloned version of his old body, and then later in its climax, gave him a new, younger “perfect” clone body that the reborn Ben Reilly had planned to use for himself.

It’s… a long story. But now, Otto is back in his preferred Octopus form, and he has quite a bit of beef to settle with Spider-Man. Amazing Spider-Man #29 is set to hit shelves in June.



  • Just putting it out there, but Superior was a garbage storyline. I mean its not “Renew your vows” levels of dumpster fire, but why bring it back?

    • I dunno, I kind of liked it. It was interesting seeing a villain try and take on ‘being the good guy’ as well as things that would improve ‘efficiency’.

      The ‘Peter is still alive in his head’ thing was dumb as all hell though :/

    • On a Spider-Man level, Superior was trash. Ock’s ego made him do a lot of things the ol’webhead would never do. However, as Peter Parker, it was the most development the character had been given in decades.

      • Have to agree there, I love my Spider-Man, but I really hated the ‘Superior story line’ but at the same time it did throw in some creativeness into the mix.

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