Don’t Worry, Star Wars Rebels Is Coming Back

Don’t Worry, Star Wars Rebels Is Coming Back

Perhaps the best thing to come out of Disney’s acquisition of the Star Wars franchise is Star Wars Rebels – and it’s getting a fourth season later this year.

Lucasfilm announced via their website that the fourth season of Rebels, which is set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope in the Star Wars timeline, would begin airing on Disney XD in the autumn. It’s originally targeted at kids, but the series has become increasingly mature over the seasons.

The fourth season might be one of the last, however. The third season has had a bit of a finality to it with the way the last few episodes have gone. A trademark for Star Wars: Rivals also appeared recently, which could be a new animated series (or a pair of binoculars, flotation vests, face masks, audio recordings, or a video game, so basically anything).

Either way, we’re getting more Rebels later this year. And that’s only a good thing.


  • This surprised me (in a great way!) because at one time, they announced it was three seasons and done. So happy it’s been given another season!

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