Doctor Fate Is Our Best Hope Against Superman In Injustice 2

Weaker heroes in the Injustice 2 universe take a pill to make them capable of standing up to the likes of Superman, but there is no pill to make Superman less vulnerable to the magical mastery of the newly-revealed Doctor Fate.

Doctor Fate's signature ankh appeared on some of the earliest marketing images for Injustice 2, so his inclusion in the game comes as no surprise. Now we're finally getting a chance to see him in action, and it's some damn fine action.

In case you can't watch the trailer, all you really need are these two GIFs:

Ankh if you love justice.


In Zatanna's ending from the first Injustice, Doctor Fate shows up to help his fellow magician create the Tower of Fate, serving as a base of operations for the anti-Superman resistance. For all of Kal-El's immense power, he can't do much against magic, so expect Fate to do great things in Injustice 2 this May.

"Justice is blind, not heartless!"


    While the game itself is looking really good (and the comic is pretty great), I feel like the supers are less interesting this time around. I get that they wanted them to break up gameplay less, but some of the ones in the first game were really cool (Doomsday, Bane and Wander Woman).

    so whats the story with Injustice 2, supes got defeated at the end of first game, so is it just moping up or is there a new threat?

      I assume Superman gets out with help of his old buddies aquaman and wonder woman.

      But i would like to see if another rip in the multiverse happens.

        My guess is his cousin releases him not realising that Clark is a stooge.

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