Dunkey Playing Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Is Everything You Hoped It Would Be

As someone with zero imagination when it comes to dispatching Moblins, this is exactly what I needed to see. I legit can't wait to try some of these utterly ridiculous ideas.

Dunkey is at his best when messing around with emergent game systems. That's why I loved his Metal Gear Solid V videos so much — in that game almost anything was possible. Same goes for Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The cool thing about Dunkey's videos: they're hilarious, but they also hint at the insane possibilities for a game like Breath of the Wild. What a video game.


    Are there spoilers? I'm only about 16 shrines into the game

      No. It's an amazing video though.

      Well there is one mechanic I haven't seen but I didn't care too much.

      I'm about the same. I just found it inspiring -- a lot of crazy things to try.

        Thanks for the heads up! I watched it and laughed like a 2 y.o. with a jar of Nutella

    Heh. I love how you get blown around. A bomb goes off and sends you tumbling for hours.

    hahaha! The Cuccos! thats amazing, how have I not thought of that.

    Dunkey reminds me too much of a friend of mine I haven't spoken to in a while, had a very similar way of talking when he'd bung on that accent for jokes or whatever. Also I kept having comments and remarks pop up in my head while playing the other night in his voice, taunting and mocking the enemies as I was fighting them. I don't even watch the videos that much, what is going on :P

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