EA Announces The Rest Of Battlefield 1’s DLC

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The rest of Battlefield 1’s downloadable expansions were revealed today. The new content will expand on the various fronts of the Great War, adding in the Russian Army and naval battles.

While we already knew about the first DLC pack They Shall Not Pass, which adds in the much requested French Army and releases soon in March, details on the rest of Battlefield 1‘s DLC was scarce. Today, EA announced what players can expect.

In The Name Of The Tsar will add a focus on the Russian fronts of the war, with snow cover maps. Turning Tides looks to expand on the game’s naval warfare and will finally bring the Battle of Gallipoli, which featured in the game’s story mode, to multiplayer.

Apocalypse is the most intriguing of the bunch and will include “the most infamous battles of WWI”. It’s hard to say what that entails, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see additional maps based on the absurdly tragic Hundred Days Offensive.

In total, the DLC will add 20 new weapons and 16 multiplayer maps. Which means there will be plenty of fronts to fight on as the game marches forward.

It also means there will be a lot more things for people to kill me with the moment I peek out of a foxhole.


    • I totally agree with you it would be awesome to see some really brutal and stunning stories however, there is an issue with developing them. Firstly, DICE would need to film hours of motion capture and voice recordings, which means money. Then, create and design new and interesting levels which takes a lot of time. Also, many of my friends that play Battlefield 1 have rarely or never even opened the Battlefield 1 campaign so to go through the effort of creating such a story would be a High Risk – (Potential) Low Reward situation. Personally, I have completed %100 of the campaign and would love to see more stories but I am afraid not everyone is the same :(.

      • I was listening to a Giant Bomb interview with Paul Barnett, he used to be one of the senior guys at EA (now he works for World of Tanks).
        He was talking about how the campaign for Battlefield 1 came together.
        According to him the whole thing was done in a period of eight months… the original plan had been for the game to launch without a single player component at all.
        Supposedly, they knew that doing any kind of campaign in a WW1 game was a road fraught with danger… and they’d gotten a critical belting for the past few Battlefield campaigns, so they weren’t going to bother.
        But, again… according to Barnett, they saw the reception to Titanfall 1 not having a campaign, and the positive receptions to Wolfenstein and Dooms campaign… and one of the leads out at DICE said he could get it done.

    • I believe, much like the story mode, there will be a feature introduced into the game that will involve artillery strikes on enemies. As in real life, warships would heavily shell the Turkish lines before or even the starting phases of sending troops to the shores. Many new weapons, gadgets and elite classes, etc will be introduced that should ultimately change the meta of the game.

  • Oh cool they finally are adding in Gallipoli, will probably pick up the inevitable “complete” edition when it is on sale.

  • The PS4 community has dropped dramatically over the past 2 months, usually I can only find 3-5 Servers running at a time, there are never any custom games running (Hardcore, Standard Issue Rifles etc) and finding an Operations game is rare… its sad to see.
    though I’m sure the DLC will revamp interest in the game for a short while I don’t see the point in paying when it will again get to a point where I’m struggling to find a match so I traded my copy towards Horizon.

    • you must be playing a different game as i never have trouble finding a game of operations and that’s pretty much all I play.

    • I am an active PS4 member myself and I believe due to the lack (in-comparison of BF4) of online content, players such as I reach a certain stage where there really isn’t worth working towards except for service stars. I have even done the new Dog Tag Easter Egg challenge (worth it!) and yet I can’t find myself consistently coming back to the game. Personally, I wish players would realise that game modes such as Standard Issue Rifles and Hardcore deserved a lot more recognition as I personally have never found a full custom game mode before. I agree with you when I believe that the introduction of these new DLC’s will up the player base and even encourage Standard Issue Rifles to be a popular game mode.

  • Wouldn’t the Gallipoli map be like half of Fao fortress’ colour palette, but with the inclined cliffs and hills of Monte Grappa?

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