EA’s Peter Moore Gets New Job At Liverpool FC

EA’s Peter Moore Gets New Job At Liverpool FC

Peter Moore, lately of Electronic Arts but just as well-known for previous executive roles with Sega and Xbox, will be taking up a new job in June, as chief executive officer of Liverpool FC.

It’s a dream job for the Liverpool-born Moore, who as you can see below is an absolute LFC fanatic. He’ll start in his new role in June, and move back to his home town over the Summer.

Wonder where he’ll get the LFC tattoo…


  • As far as cringeworthy people who would get up on stage at events like E3, and try to talk as though they had a genuine passion for the games their studios were making, but underneath you could tell it was all about those dollar signs floating around in their eyes, bulging out at the prospect of the bonus they would receive, then this guy was pretty high up on that list.

    If that wasn’t enough, then his ‘we can do better’ bit (http://www2.ea.com/news/we-can-do-better?isLocalized=true) was just him trying to step in and polish up that turd reputation that EA has (or at least certainly had). I mean, the fact that he was even trying to convince people that the always online ‘functionality’ of SimCity wasn’t a DRM scheme – c’mon, dude, no one was ever going to accept any other explanation. EA went on to be primarily RESPONSIBLE for Denuvo. The online ‘functionality’ of SimCity was ALWAYS planned as a form of DRM. ‘Period’.

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